Friday 21st of June 2019

one could ask the question: is malcolm the full quid?

full quid


Between the NBN, the NDIS, the ABC and the NEG, it's hard to pick which of the worse crap goes on in Malcolm's brain. All his outcomes and solutions are more problematic than the original parameters which included burning the planet down — all to save $3.64 on voters power bills, so they can reinvest the cash in the pokies.

The MAJOR problems for us — investors in pokiWoollies — is that the rabid psychopathic megalomaniacs in "his" party (he bought the party with big bucks to stay top cheese at the previous election) run their dog-eat-dog pissing-on-tree competition WITHOUT ANY REGARD TO being loyal with character and integrity — two virtues that those who are bereft of a moral compass never had: Dutton, Abbott and all the other rebellious sycophant bordello psycho-occupants on his side of the Kanbra debauchery house, including those involved in "affairs with the help" (you know who you are) and "dildo-usage at the expense of the one-arm bandit addicts" (we know your non-partner usage), us, the taxpayers, including Malcolm himself who likes to act ingenuously like a two-fisted angel... while he only is the fast-asleep night manager of the ill-repute abode.

never again...

never again...

remembering 2007...


the local heat is on in kanbra...

2007 #2

This was before we got shifted to the Snowy Scheme 2.0

global warming — the curse of world politics...

It’s as clear as your iced latte on a hazy heatwave day.

Most people think this summer’s hot weather was due to climate change. Or, confusingly, most people think climate change had nothing to do this year’s searing summer.

You were likely greeted with one of those headlines on Monday morning, though which you saw largely depended on which newspaper you happened to pick up.

In a poll that mainly focused on Brexit and party politics, Deltapoll, on behalf of the Sun on Sunday, slipped in a question on climate change. The results led the tabloid to present a bright blue box claiming “Brits Cool on Global Warming”, with most respondents apparently believing “Britain’s sizzling summer was not the result of climate change”.

This was in stark contrast to a poll by YouGov on behalf of environmental lawyers ClientEarth, which found 82 percent of respondents thought climate change was responsible for causing heatwaves now and in the future.

The hot weather appears to have led to a race to weaponise climate change polling, so who to trust?

Well, according to academics, Deltapoll’s effort, reported by the Sun on Sunday, was “one of the worst climate change questions” ever seen.

Polling Problems

Deltapoll constructed a long, thorough survey on the state of the UK’s politics. But when it came to asking about whether the heatwave was caused by climate change, “not really in line with standard practice”, Stuart Capstick, a Research Associate at Cardiff University’s School of Psychology told DeSmog UK.

And that probably had a significant bearing on the result.

The issue is that the climate question is “multi-barrelled”, Capstick said, with multiple answers embedded within each of the two options presented.


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Presently, the erratic nature of politics in Australia (six Prime Ministers in less than 10 years) is also due to global warming. And global warming isn't just an exclusive political issue to Australia. See these for starters:

wearing a beige cardigan on a hot day at the beach because mum said so...


of radiative forcing and global warming...


warming up towards misery...


chuga chuga chuga chuga...


love in the liberal party...



the partisanship of coal...

Mr Turnbull adjudged it too painful to have Labor vote for a government bill at the expense of losing some votes in his party and Coalition in the process — even if that meant a continuation of the ugly, bitter wars over energy and climate that have plagued political debate here for over a decade, a war that most voters, and certainly industry — a backbone of the conservative government — want solved with bipartisan legislation.

So the pro-coal, anti-global warming rump inside the Government could trump the majority sensibility to bring the climate wars to a close and advance the national interest.

As a result, Mr Turnbull looks likely to becoming the fourth prime minister in 11 years to lose his job.


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This misses the point a bit. I don't know if Labor would have voted for the NEG as it stood presented by Malcolm. I guess Labor would have rejected the bill as it should have. The major problem is that "global warming" has not hit home yet. For example it's "freezing" in Sydney today... So what? As I often say, should you be able to "feel global warming" it would be too late for the planet. 

The main problem on this issue is Mr Rupert Murdoch. His media is 100 per cent fiercely anti-science on this subject. Should he come to realise he has been wrong, then we could make real progress. 


self-appraisal from turnbull: 10/10...

In his departing speech, Malcolm gives himself magnificent marks (10 out 10) for his achievements (that of his government of the Liberal (CONservative) party — the progressive branch) and we cannot deny he did a lot accidentally. A lot of what is the question. The only positive we could dig up was the LGBTi wedding march which allowed gay people to share their life to the bitter end. The rest like (un)employment, the TPP and the NDIS have reminiscence of people doing cave paintings in the dark, to be discovered in 20,000 years and still look like cave paintings done in the dark. I admire him for staying positive in the face of collapse.

a dirt file on saint malcolm?...

As Malcolm Turnbull stalled on a second leadership vote on Thursday, by demanding those betraying him identify themselves, some of his conservative colleagues were threatening to release damaging information about him to destroy his career.

“We are ready to open the bottom drawer,” a senior MP told The Saturday Paper on Thursday, after key cabinet members had withdrawn their support for Turnbull but before any second vote had been confirmed.

“We know where the bodies are buried.”

The conservative MP, who was among those quitting their ministerial positions to try to force Turnbull’s hand, said the group was prepared to empty the dirt file they had compiled on him if that was what it took to remove him from the office.

The MP refused to say what that meant or to describe the nature of the alleged information. But the brutal threat indicated the level of desperation that had been reached, as Turnbull’s opponents declared they had the numbers to force him out of office and he refused to go without a fight.


The blunt warning also confirmed the rebel conservatives had been planning and quietly organising their campaign against Turnbull for some time, and that they were determined not to stop until he was gone. That campaign has led to accusations that people outside parliament – especially News Corp media organisations – had been part of the strategy to tear down a prime minister.

The MP’s threat also effectively confirmed this was a scorched-earth strategy to destroy the existing version of the Liberal Party and rebuild it in a more conservative image.

When the vote finally came on Friday, the party room meeting elected Scott Morrison by 45 votes to Peter Dutton’s 40.

Having been accused of lacking political acumen, Turnbull pulled off arguably his finest manoeuvre to ensure the job he could not save did not go to those he called “the wreckers” of the hard right.

And with the elevation of Energy and Environment Minister Josh Frydenberg – Turnbull’s partner in prosecuting the case for the national energy guarantee, the policy that sparked this leadership crisis – the conservative putsch was roundly defeated.

At his farewell news conference, a composed Turnbull confirmed he would quit parliament soon, a move that will prompt a byelection in his Sydney seat of Wentworth and potentially create difficulties for his successor in sustaining majority support in parliament.


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... and mucking up "your" ABC as well...

Meanwhile, applications for the chairperson position at the ABC closed on Friday. The advertising spiel is couched in the most beguiling terms. The government is looking for someone with “high-level leadership and vision, as well as a commitment to the highest standards of governance and personal and professional integrity”. To top it off they must demonstrate an understanding of the media environment and the ABC charter.

What superhuman could possibly fit the bill? An independent nomination panel has the task of finding out, in a merit-based manner, and then sending a shortlist of three names to the Human Toilet Brush, Communications Minister Mitch Fifield.

According to previous independent panellist Neil Brown, QC, the process is farcical. The Toilet Brush ignores the shortlist and selects those with the Coalition’s seal of good housekeeping. Half the members of the ABC board were appointed without backing from the independent panel.

Justin Milne and Michelle Guthrie both were foisted onto the ABC on the personal urging of the immediate past prime minister. Thank you, Trumble, another job well done.


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No-one should be chosen as "Chairman of the ABC", UNTIL THE SENATE INQUIRY (March 2019) is complete. The present ABC board of incompetents should be kept dormant until such inquiry presents its finding on political interference. 


Some the persons suggested by some luminaries for ABC Chairman are horrendously political beasts or media vultures. GO AWAY.


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meanwhile, the NBN under the broken spyglass...

Today the ST rag (23 12 18) tells us that the NBN is two years behind schedule and billions over budget. No need to tell us: It's going according to the Liberal (CONservative) plan. Without going into the REAL details of what went wrong, the ST blabs about this and that figure and this exec, but does not mention its own role in supporting the wreckers of the NBN, Tony Abbott and Malcolm Turnbull. Both these idiots destroyed the NBN with various utterance that did not make any sense, except for Uncle Rupe who wanted the NBN thrown out into a black hole. Success! 


Meanwhile, whether we like it or not, we might have to hook up to the Chinese free WiFi satellite network... 

Mind you, our connectivity is an open source of cash for hackers and thieves... And THERE ARE A LOT OF THEM OUT THERE,  possibly about 3 times as much as "honest decent" people who try to sell you the "truth"...


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