Thursday 28th of May 2020


I've just upgraded to the latest version of the site software. Hopefully it'll help to grow the site. I'll attach any new modules to this thread.

I hope we can live with this

I hope we can live with this site theme for a while. I did my best, but I'm no artist. Perhaps Gus may want to play with it.

I've fiddled with the side blocks a bit too. I've turned on the search box, and turned off the Who's online box (you can turn it on under My Account). You'll notice the new spell checker is far neater than the old one.

I still have to port the "More comments" block, but I am looking at some more sustainable alternatives too.

And finally, you'll see a "Dig This" link at the bottom of all posts now. Digg is a community linking site, which might increase our readership?!?!

I plan on leaving things alone for 24 hours, and then checking back to see how things are flying. Let me know. 


Thanks for all your good work, Nigel, including reinstating the comments — the short blogs (often extracts or comment with a link) that are up to the minute.

While you're tweaking

Anything you could do to fix the random nature of right hand margins.  eg this?


BTW the font size in the comments box is more approprate to ants.  Can we bump it up a few notches? 

Hows this?

I'm trying at the moment to fix the various font sizes throughout the site. I hope it is up to scratch by the time you read this.

Also, what is this random right hand margin problem? I've installed a new block which displayes related articles on the right hand side. If there is no items it disappears. It is just that I didn't see anything amiss on the page you sent me to.

 A screen shot to see if this is an example of the issues Richard is having.YD screenshot: A screen shot to see if this is an example of the issues Richard is having.

Good as gold

It's all good! except for the point size in the comment box in which to post... But despite my advanced age, my eyes are reasonable and i do not need glasses to read it, just a bit of squinting and bob's your uncle...

Editor font size should now

Editor font size should now be far more reasonable. Your might have to clear your browser cache if it doesn't appear to have worked straight away.

Let me know. 


thanks a million...

Compatability thingy?

Aha- no longer squinting!  Nigel I get differrent pages of bloglists etc running off to the pub on the right hand seemingly whenever they feel the urge, and it's one common complaint I receive that you need to scroll to and fro to read YD at times. Now that I think about it I wonder if it's a Firefox compatablilty thingo. I'll try from Widow's Hexpourer tomorrow.