Friday 5th of June 2020

hard working pollies in kanbra reveal their true employers: not a single sod in the aussie populace...


Wow... Amazing Amanda and Andrew are on the same page! 


First Andrew Bolt:

Sky News host Andrew Bolt has unleashed on Scott Morrison for his “disgusting and despicable” decision to “play the race card” in his defence of rookie MP Gladys Liu.

Accusing the Prime Minister of insulting every Chinese-Australian who believes in freedom, the conservative broadcaster warned that the Liberal Party had real questions to answer over its links with Chinese foreign influence operations.

“Prime Minister Scott Morrison this morning played the race card five times to defend MP Gladys Liu, who served on propaganda arms of the Chinese Communist party,” he said.

“Extraordinary! Are the dictators in Beijing now writing Morrison’s lines?

“Morrison is offensive not just to everyone asking legitimate questions about Liu’s associations and untruths, from ASIO to Labor, and including many journalists.”

Mr Bolt is a traditional ally of the Morrison Government but drew the line at endorsing the Prime Minister’s political tactics on an issue of national security.

“What a dishonest tactic. It is dishonest because no one is criticising Gladys Liu just for being Chinese. No one,” he told Sky News.

“They are criticising her and asking her tough questions about whether she’s been too close to the Communist regime of China. They’re wondering why she served its propaganda arm. They’re asking why she didn’t tell the truth about that.”

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Amanda Meade:

There was a moment during Scott Morrison’s press conference on Thursday – the one where he attempted to dissuade journalists and Labor from asking inconvenient questions about the member for Chisholm, Gladys Liu – when I suddenly visualised Paul Hogan, and smothered a mad impulse to laugh.

The prime minister felt that everyone just needed to take a deep breath. The only thing to see here, Morrison soothed from his podium in the Blue Room, was a rookie Liberal MP, a political novice, who shouldn’t have gone on the Bolt Report. In case you don’t tune in regularly to Andrew (and shame on you), this was the interview where Liu had declined to criticise Chinese activity in the South China Sea and couldn’t recall whether she was a member China Overseas Exchange Association between 2003 and 2015.

“I think the problem here is Gladys Liu has given a clumsy interview,” Morrison said. “That is all that’s happened here.”


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links to the chinese government's united front work propaganda.

Gladys Liu is in hot water over her alleged association with the United Front Work Department of the Chinese Communist Party.

Yet no-one has alleged that Ms Liu herself, nor the Liberal Party she belongs to, holds any communist sympathies. Her association is with a body that is not in Hong Kong, where she was born, but rather in mainland China, and she hasn't been a member since 2015, well before entering.

So what is all this fuss about? Ms Liu was on the council of the Guangzhou China Overseas Exchange, and an honorary chair of overseas Chinese trade and commerce bodies.

These are "linked to the Chinese Government's United Front Work propaganda and foreign influence activities".


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shanghai scummo swims in his own shit...

This week, it's loads of lies and memory lapses, plus a couple of super-charged tantrums. But as we take our idiot process seriously, much thought has gone into (as always) picking the best liar, the most "ludicrous" memory lapse or the most impressive wobbly.

Expertise in special interest categories such as scientific facts, behaviour befitting grown-ups, lies, more lies, memory lapses and the odd possible spy are all showcased in another spectacular display.

Our star-studded cast this week includes Natural Disasters Minister David Littlepride Littleproud, chief incongruity judge Barnaby Joyce, Deputy Prime Minister Michael McWhatshisname, Member for Hunter Joel Fitzgibbon, Member for Chisholm Gladys Liu and Prime Minister Scott "ScoMao" Morrison.

Enjoy this instalment — and don't forget to LIKE the video, SHARE it and subscribe to the IA YouTube channel.


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scummo takes his big red shoes to washington...

This weekend, Prime Minister Scott Morrison and his wife Jenny travel to Washington to attend a state dinner hosted in their honour.

This isn't a standard visit. Australian PMs go to Washington all the time — they even have meals there, often with a president — but they don't all get a state dinner at the White House.

They're usually reserved only for heads of state (technically for us that's the Queen, but let's not be too pedantic).

Think president Ronald Reagan hosting prime minister Margaret Thatcher in 1981 as their special relationship bloomed in the shadow of the Cold War, or Bill Clinton hosting the newly elected president of South Africa, Nelson Mandela, in 1994 — with entertainment provided by Whitney Houston.

It's been a while, as they say, between drinks.

As with almost everything written and said about Mr Morrison's visit since it was announced in July, this is the first time an Australian PM has been invited to a state dinner since John Howard in 2006. Before Howard, it was Hawke in 1989, and before him, only three others.

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Yes, since the Vietnam War, the USA has always been in need of tissues — and a soft shoulder to cry upon. Or like in the case of John Howard, Little Bush Junior needed to thank his "pard'ner" in crime. Bush had Weasel Blair well in his pocket, but two did not make a truesome, when the bullshit was thick.

But Donald isn't the crying type. He's more the guy to make you cry — of cringe. World politics these days is run like a circus with apologies to the real clowns, or a Pentecostal miracle enterprise. So our own Scummo-the-clown will be treated to a competition of fart-balloons, elephants in the room and handshakes with buzzers, under the colourful tent of porkies at the White House. 

Bless the lord. 

So here is the famous Grock (the clown) posthumously doing his impressions of Scummo, Trumpo and "Borice". First Scummo:




Finally "Borice":


Unfortunately, Grock was far more intelligent than these three lunatics put together on a small unicycle.

But we get what we deserve, don't we? Read from top.



Since the claims surrounding Ms Liu's association with Chinese community organisations with alleged links to the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) United Front Work Department were made public, I have witnessed a seriously increased sense of nervousness, unease and division among some within the Chinese-Australian community.

This extremely complicated issue, intertwining geopolitical tensions with domestic politics, has left some members of my community feeling as if they have been caught in the crossfire. Many believe it will get worse.

There is outright anger for being bundled together in generalisations based on race, culture and ethnicity. There is frustration at the rise of a new form of Sinophobia with another Australian of Chinese descent in public life having his or her loyalty, commitment and allegiance to Australia questioned.

There is also some disappointment in Ms Liu's response to the allegations and a belief it is not adequate and did not meet community expectations. 

These diverse perspectives demonstrate why we need to always recognise the diversity within Chinese-Australians and why it is never appropriate to paint and taint us with the same brush.


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up twin creeks with a paddle made in china...

playing the anti-semitism card...

The Liberal Party continues to defend Josh Frydenberg's citizenship status and accuse Trevor Poulton of anti-Semitism over his brief questioning the Treasurer's eligibility.

On 11 September 2019, Liberal Party Senator Andrew Bragg made a statement to the Senate outlining his theory that anti-Semitism is “underpinning a disgraceful challenge against the Treasurer Josh Frydenberg's citizenship”. Senator Bragg is now the third Liberal parliamentarian to lash out over the s44 petition which is currently being dealt with by the High Court.

The Liberal Party needs to be advised that concocting a conspiracy theory of anti-Semitism in relation to Frydenberg’s citizenship predicament simply plays into the hands of those who do, in fact, seek to trivialise or deny the Holocaust, an event in which 5 to 7 million Jewish people perished at the hands of Nazis and their collaborators.  

Bragg asserted that Michael Staindl, who filed the s44 petition, was driven by anti-Semitism but failed to provide a shred of evidence to support the claim and simply emphasised that Staindl is a “climate activist” as if that was sufficient to convince the Senate of Staindl’s guilt and send him off to the gallows.


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words of democracy...



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playing the anti-semitism martyr...

“Billions of people lost their lives [in the Holocaust of World War II], including over one and a half million innocent children,” Mr Frydenberg said.


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I hope that this is a typo from the "news agency", not from the NewDaily... But should Frydenberg have really said BILLIONS, this shows he is an ignorant twerp. The anti-Jewish stand by many people has nothing to do with anti-semitism but with the treatment of Palestinians by Israel that is also slowly stealing the lands of other people, including the Golan Heights.


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belting one road for the bushfires victims...

Liberal party member who helped organise a Chinese-Australian business fundraising dinner has denied links to the Chinese Communist party after references to China’s Belt and Road initiative appeared on invitations to the event.

The Australia Chinese United Business Association Federation (Acubaf), representing more than 50 associations and 1,000 individual businesses, is hosting a charity dinner on Friday to raise money for the Salvation Army and its bushfire appeal.

Invitations to the dinner, seen by Guardian Australia, advertise Acubaf’s role as to “provide a bridge between Australian Chinese business and to offer the chance to cooperate for all Chinese associations, meanwhile offering access to the ‘One Belt, One Road’ policy in China”.


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illegal cornflutes but no action...

The federal court has upheld the election of Liberal MP Gladys Liu and treasurer Josh Frydenberg, finding there was “no real chance” that Chinese-language signs, designed to look as though they were from the Australian Electoral Commission, changed the result.

But the court put the Liberal party’s then acting Victorian director, Simon Frost, on notice that it is preparing to make a declaration he committed an illegal practice “in respect to characterisation of the corflutes”. It granted him leave to file submissions as to why it should not make that declaration.

A breach of section 329 of the Electoral Act is punishable by up to six months in prison or $2,100 or both.

“On the evidence we find that Mr Frost caused or authorised the printing, publishing and distribution of the corflutes which were matters or things that were likely to mislead or deceive an elector in relation to the casting of a vote,” the court said.


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Whether there was “no real chance” that the Chinese-language signs, designed to look as though they were from the Australian Electoral Commission, changed the result or not, the election should be invalid and recontested. THIS IS THE LAW, not to be interpreted like a casino game of "chance"... No wonder people think the law is an arse...