Sunday 26th of January 2020



As key diplomats testified in an open session, Democrats hoped to overcome the polarization that has defined Trump’s presidency.


Shortly after 10am on Wednesday, a single sharp rap of the gavel launched the House intelligence committee’s first public hearing into the impeachment of Donald Trump, the 45th president of the United States.

In the vaulted chambers of the ways and means committee, the House’s grandest and most ornate meeting room, the day’s witnesses – William Taylor, the top American diplomat in Ukraine, and George Kent, a senior state department official in charge of Ukraine policy – rose to their feet and solemnly raised their right hands to be sworn in.


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hearsay: trump is a witch...

A top US diplomat told impeachment hearings that President Trump directly asked about a Ukrainian investigation into his Democratic rival Joe Biden.

In previously unheard testimony, Bill Taylor, the acting US ambassador to Ukraine, said a member of his staff was told Mr Trump was preoccupied with pushing for a probe into Mr Biden.

He was speaking at the first public hearings in the impeachment inquiry.

Mr Trump told reporters he did not recall making such comments.

Mr Trump is accused of withholding US military aid to Ukraine in order to pressure the country's new president to publicly announce a corruption inquiry into Mr Biden, among the favourites to take him on in the 2020 presidential race. 

Mr Trump denies any wrongdoing and has called the inquiry a "witchhunt".


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hearsay: trump is a genius...



real news: the democrats are completely bonkers...

The Wall Street Journal’s Peggy Noonan liked what she saw when U.S. diplomats George Kent and William B. Taylor Jr. went before the House Intelligence Committee to give testimony as part of the ongoing impeachment drama. She saw them as “the old America reasserting itself.” They demonstrated “stature and command of their subject matter.” They evinced “capability and integrity.

All true. Kent, with his bow tie and his family tradition of public service, appeared to be the very picture of the old-school American foreign service official. And Taylor, with his exemplary West Point career, his Vietnam heroism, and his longtime national service, seemed a throwback to the blunt-spoken American military men who gave us our World War II triumph and our rise to global dominance.

But these men embrace a geopolitical outlook that is simplistic, foolhardy, and dangerous. Perhaps no serious blame should accrue to them, since it is the same geopolitical outlook embraced and enforced by pretty much the entire foreign policy establishment, of which these men are mere loyal apparatchiks. And yet they are playing their part in pushing a foreign policy that is directing America towards a very possible disaster.

Neither man manifested even an inkling of an understanding of what kind of game the United States in playing with Ukraine. Neither gave even a nod to the long, complex relationship between Ukraine and Russia. Neither seemed to understand either the substance or the intensity of Russia’s geopolitical interests along its own borders or the likely consequences of increasing U.S. meddling in what for centuries has been part of Russia’s sphere of influence.

Both Taylor and Kent declared that America’s vital national interest is wrapped up in Ukraine, though neither sought to explain why in any substantive way. Spin out all the potential scenarios of Ukraine’s fate and then ask whether any of them would materially affect America’s vital interests. Any affirmative answer would require elaborate contortions.

It could be argued, perhaps, that an expansion of Russian influence in Ukraine could affect the vital interests of the rest of Europe, though that would hardly be inevitable. But cannot Europe handle any such threat vis-a-vis Russia, given that the EU has a population of 512 million and a GDP of $18 trillion—compared to Russia’s population of 145 million and GDP of $1.6 trillion?


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As the 2016 sabotage of the Sanders campaign contributed to the failure of the flawed HRC campaign against Trump whose election led to a campaign of illegitimate Russiagate allegations which were refuted by the Mueller investigation, those same partisan shills have now opened an ill-founded impeachment inquiry lacking a credible legal foundation and based on an allegedly anonymous whistleblower/CIA operative  – all meant to distract Americans from the forthcoming Spygate indictments which promise to further decimate the once omnipotent Democrat party.

The public circus of fomenting national disunity and turbulence has allowed the American public to recognize the Democratic party as it truly is, conniving corruption to the bone, promulgating an illicit behavior now threatening the very foundation of what remains of our democracy.

To make sense of the intervening events, one only need grasp that the CIA/FBI/DOJ pre-election efforts were meant to entrap low grade Trump campaign associates until they boomeranged once the election results were known.

Still unknown is if those law enforcement/intel efforts were independent of the DNC or if a level of collusion occurred. 

Suddenly, there was an incoming duly-elected president whose staff had been infiltrated and surveilled as if it were a foreign power. Recognizing the need to cover a dozen or more collective butts served to deepen the panic to conceal the conspiracy as it set out to destroy the new President’s goal of peace with Russia.

If ever there was a time for all Americans of every political persuasion and ideology to rise above partisanship and stretch to a higher level of ethics and consciousness in support of the rule of law and a basic sense of fairness and justice, it is before us now.

As a life long Jeffersonian Democrat who once self identified as a ‘passionate’ Democrat and partisan activist, it is fair to ask who are these imposters who shanghaied the Dems away from defending the First Amendment and their working class roots into the bosom of Wall Street, the military industrial complex and the intel community?

Now forever entwined with the CIA and Deep State, the Dems await their karmic payback with the soon-to-be released IG report and later, the Durham investigation, party loyalists would do well to take their wrath out on the DNC and its Congressional leadership who have repeatedly and continue to lie to the country.

There is no doubt that the Democratic hierarchy were well aware that Mueller would bear no fruit to satisfy their lust for vengeance of the 2016 loss.

Not surprising it has been Tulsi Gabbard as the Only Democrat who understands the need to cease the fragmentation of American society. While not prone to hyperbolic overstatement, she suggests a more rational strategy, encouraging voters to do their job in November.

The party’s hierarchy, and apparently much of its base, however, prefer to follow its Reptilian instincts strewing divisiveness and animosity far and wide. (The R Complex purports to be the brain’s ancestral throwback to the dinosaurs with an aggressive, war-like demeanor as home to Obsessive Compulsive Disorders.)

In a complete turnaround from what might have been expected, Republicans appear in the unusual role as the aggrieved party as an assertive House contingent reminds us what a healthy opposition looks like as Senate Republicans more closely resemble an overly pious parade of Goody Two Shoes.

As the impeachment inquiry unravels, career State Department witnesses who have no direct first hand knowledge of a crime had already testified behind closed doors are now center stage repeating the same inconsequential blather.

As the inquiry drags on, it remains clear that there is no authentic WB but an individual who is a partisan snitch perhaps molded and created by the pompous Rep. Adam Schiff. who is known for Russiagate prevarications that never materialized. 

He now claims “I do not know the identity of the whistleblower” even after his staff redacted the WB’s name from public documents.

Democrats on the Intel Committee who have refused to allow the alleged WB testify, are now struggling to provide credible evidence that Quid Pro Quo was committed and that such QPQ constitutes an ‘abuse of power” crime.

The IG Horowitz report regarding improper FISA Court applications may be public prior to Thanksgiving with a recommendation for criminal referrals including the possible declassification of documents that President Trump referred to AG Bill Barr some months ago.

The question has been whether applications to the FISA Court to approve surveillance warrants on Trump campaign personnel were knowingly based on flawed Steele dossier, otherwise known as malarkey.

It appears that those defective classified documents were then leaked to media outlets to provide credibility and justify the original application request to the FISA Court.  The question remains whether there was a conspiracy to mislead and lie to the FISA Court; whether and how the FBI treated the Clinton campaign differently than they treated the Trump campaign.

As if there was not enough factual data to question the basis for an impeachment inquiry, attorney for the alleged WB, Mark Zaid, sent out a series of tweets clearly revealing the unfolding impeachment strategy beginning ten days after Trump’s inauguration.

On January 30, 2017 Zaid tweeted that the coup has started. First of many steps…impeachment will follow ultimately


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The Democrats have lots their mojo, have lost the plot and have lost their trousers... They have turned into a sad bunch of lying idiots... 



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bums impeaching bums...

Every time a Republican lawmaker warns about the “dangerous precedent” Democrats will set by impeaching President Trump, my heart gets all a-flutter. How great would it be if no president ever served a full term in office? What if everysuccessive commander-in-chief was impeached? I can see it now.

First Trump goes, having been found guilty of shady dealings with Ukraine. The GOP is then thrown into chaos. In an effort to marshal the base, Mitch McConnell outs Mike “Lodestar” Pence as the anonymous leaker in the executive branch, and he’s impeached for treason or espionage or something. Then it’s Nancy Pelosi’s turn. She’s declared ineligible for office because 70 percent of her body is made in China and is promptly ousted. Chuck Grassley, having been a staunch defender of the Ukraine whistleblower, has long since been removed by McConnell. The Senate majority leader declares himself president pro tem, leapfrogging into the White House. Then the Washington Post publishes its 10-year-long investigation into McConnell, revealing that “Cocaine Mitch” (or La Tortuga, as mamacitas down in Sinaloa call him) is in fact the mastermind behind MS-13. He, too, is impeached…and on it goes, ad infinitum.


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