Tuesday 14th of July 2020

a joke? unfortunately not... turdy gets a gong...


Tony Abbott is among several high-profile people recognised in the Queen's Birthday honours this year.


Key points:
  • Several former politicians are among those recognised in the 2020 honours
  • The honours are decided by the independent Council of the Order of Australia
  • Tony Abbott, Belinda Hutchinson and Naomi Milgrom were the three Australians to be recognised with the highest honour


The former prime minister was made a Companion of the Order of Australia (AC) for "eminent service to the people and Parliament of Australia".

The honour was primarily for his role as Prime Minister, as well as significant contributions to trade, border control, and to the Indigenous community.

Mr Abbott was one of three people to be named an AC, along with University of Sydney chancellor Belinda Hutchinson for eminent service to business, tertiary education and scientific research, and businesswoman Naomi Milgrom, for her service to the community through philanthropic leadership.

Mr Abbott came under fire in 2015 for awarding the Queen's husband, Prince Philip, with a knighthood.

All those recognised in the Queen's Birthday honours are nominated by fellow Australians before they are assessed by an independent body, the Council of the Order of Australia, before being handed out by the Governor-General.

The Queen has no direct involvement in the process.


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Tony Abbott has been the most destructive PM this country ever had. HE LIED OVERTLY and did so much crap, that Turnbullshit had to replace him in order to save some of the CONservatives' furniture that was sinking in the sea of deceit. Tony Abbott has been the pisspit of Australian politics. Our present problem is to gauge is Scomo worse than Turdy or not... So far on the bullshit front, they seem to be on par... We shall cope with Scotty of marketing doing his impression of Junior Trump...

the birthing of a political con artist...



Ms Bishop, who is Australia's longest-serving female federal politician, said she hoped her recognition would inspire young Australian women "to put themselves forward for public life and to be proud of their country".

"I think the fact that so many more women have come into politics … is a terrific thing," she said.

"I don't want to be complacent I want to see lots more."

Other former politicians recognised in the honours include Philip Ruddock, Graham Richardson, Ron Boswell and former state premiers Mike Baird and Dennis Napthine.


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Oh and remember how Bronwyn was the BIASED speaker of parliament?




remembering the nightmare abbott was...



















From the SMH letters (9/6/20)


Are those at the helm of Australia’s honours lists asleep at the wheel (‘‘Ex-PM leads Queen’s Birthday Honours’’, June 8)? Tony Abbott? A ridiculed ex-prime minister whose main achievements were destroying climate change policy, holding back marriage equality, a knighthood for Prince Philip and eating an onion. Next is Bronwyn Bishop, a selfserving, disgraced political hack, and arguably the most biased speaker of the House of Representatives, who was hounded out of office for shouting herself a helicopter ride paid for by the taxpayer. When do Australians get to call time on these public gravy train travellers?

Irving Wallach, Alexandria


Seriously? Abbott, Bishop and Graham Richardson? A shamelessly divisive and bellicose prime minister, an overtly partisan speaker and a whatever-it-takes backroom head-cracker? Then again, when it comes to strange appointments, there is precedent: Caligula made his horse a consul, and George III knighted an oak tree.

Adrian Connelly, Springwood



To give Abbott Australia’s top honour completely diminishes the value of these awards to the many far more deserving recipients. What a disgrace.

John Lander, Killarney Heights


The panel that awards these honours must truly live in a Canberra bubble. They should hide within it, in shame.

Pierre Mars, Vaucluse


This must come close to the definition of irony. On the day that Abbott was awarded his gong, the Herald runs two pieces marking the end of thermal coal. The first (‘‘Renewables spike, virus threaten coal’’, June 8) notes that renewables are rendering coal-fired power uneconomic; the second (‘‘As warned, world’s biggest investor acts against coal’’, June 8) reports on the move by BlackRock investment to move away from fossil fuels. Abbott was the wrecking ball of Australian policy on carbon emissions. He obfuscated, pandered to the coal industry and left Australia a continuing legacy of climate policy inaction. For all this, he is awarded our highest honour.

Neil Ormerod, Kingsgrove


The top awards don’t go to those who have altruistically given of themselves, but instead to those who have gained notoriety in their wellremunerated jobs (‘‘Queen’s Birthday 2020 Honours: The full list of this year’s winners’’, June 8). It is only when you look at the citations for the medals that you see true service acknowledged that has not previously been rewarded. It would have been more honest for Abbott to be honoured simply for his service to the RFS, and leave it at that.

David Rush, Lawson


It is hard not to be struck by the contrast between the selfless dedication of the non-political honours recipients and the roll-call of wreckers, grifters and spivs who represent the political classes.

Tom McGinness, Randwick


All politicians should be banned from receiving state awards for simply doing their job.

Lucinda Ho, Cammeray


I wonder what Julia thinks?

Vicky Marquis, Glebe





sir philip turns 99...

Buckingham Palace has released a new photograph of the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh to mark the duke's 99th birthday.

Prince Philip, who celebrates his birthday on Wednesday, has been shielding with the Queen at Windsor Castle during the coronavirus lockdown.

The photo was taken in the castle's grounds during sunny weather last week.

It is the first public photo of the duke since he was seen leaving hospital in London on 24 December last year.

Prince Philip spent four nights in the private King Edward VII's Hospital in relation to a "pre-existing condition".

In the picture, which was taken by a Press Association photographer, the duke is wearing a Household Division tie.

The Queen is wearing a heart-shaped 18.8 carat diamond brooch called Cullinan V, which she has worn many times, including for her granddaughter Princess Eugenie's wedding and London Fashion Week.

It follows another photograph last week that showed the Queen, 94, riding a pony called Balmoral Fern in Windsor Home Park.


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self-propagander of self...

SPECIAL INVESTIGATION: Ever fond of slogans, Tony Abbott defined his ‘Prime Ministership of Indigenous Affairs’ by his mantra of ‘get kids to school’, ‘get adults to work’, and ‘make communities safe’. But six years after rising to the highest office in the land, the figures on Abbott’s performance in boosting black employment, school attendance and community safety are in. And they’re a complete train wreck. Chris Graham investigates. Additional research by Matilda Duncan.

There are five basic rules of propaganda. The second, and arguably the easiest to achieve, is sometimes called ‘The rule of orchestration’: endlessly repeat the same messages in different variations and combinations.

Or to put it in a modern political context: if you tell a lie often enough, it eventually becomes the truth.

Anyone who received a copy of the Queen’s Birthday Honours List earlier this month, and is a keen watcher of Indigenous affairs, might have heard Joseph Goebbels’ Theory of Propaganda ringing loudly in their ears.

Over the June long weekend, former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott was appointed the highest honour, a Companion of the Order of Australia (AC), for his “eminent service to the people and Parliament of Australia, particularly as Prime Minister, and through significant contributions to trade, border control, and to the Indigenous community”.

Abbott was, of course, poison to Indigenous affairs, and widely regarded so by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people around the country. In his first budget as prime minister, Abbott cut more than half a billion dollars from Indigenous affairs funding, and then redirected hundreds of millions more away from small Aboriginal community-controlled organisations to large corporations and NGOs.

In the process, he created a single funding stream – the Indigenous Advancement Strategy (IAS) – which he housed within his own Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, a department with no experience in wide-scale program delivery.

The affects were immediate, and catastrophic – services in Indigenous communities around the country were thrown into chaos, a fact acknowledged by a 2016 Senate Inquiry. But while his actions as the self-appointed ‘Prime Minister for Indigenous Affairs’ were devastating, his words weren’t much better.


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Remember that Tony also appointed himself the Minister for Woman's Affairs...


Note: Uncle Fester has been promoted to head of the family...



"Tony set the world on fire so he could extinguish it..."



"Tony destroyed democratic protections..."


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