Tuesday 14th of July 2020

killing it in front of you...

the murder of the ABC...

After days of high-pressure emergency broadcasting at the height of the bushfires sweeping through East Gippsland last summer, this was a moment that brought ABC Gippsland presenter Mim Cook to tears.

"It was like the whole of East Gippsland shutdown overnight when the fires hit," Cook recalls.

"Power was out, there was no landline or mobile coverage, roads were cut and there were lots of isolated communities we couldn't get in touch with," she says.

"We were trying to find out what had happened in each pocket and slowly managing to get in touch with people.


"At one point a woman rang in to ask us to if we could broadcast a message she'd received from 'Jock in Combienbar' who wanted to let his mum, 'Iris in Cann River' [50 kilometres away], know he was alive and safe.


"The phones were all down and he was stuck there, but OK.

"It was quite emotional, and I tear up even now talking about it."

Home to a handful of permanent residents, the remote Combienbar farming settlement is situated in a picturesque valley surrounded by mountain ranges.

On New Year's Eve, as a large blaze threatened the community, Peter 'Jock' Millage and four neighbours were stationed at his home with a water tanker and pumps, preparing to defend their properties.


"It was pretty scary stuff — I've seen bushfires before but nothing like the size and speed of this one," the 64-year-old says.


It came through in the early hours of the morning, sounding like a jet taking off.

"It was a horrific noise and the worst thing was that the smoke was so thick [even when the sun rose] you couldn't see anything — it was pitch black.

"You could hear the fire, you knew you were surrounded by it, but you couldn't' see it.

"We had three days of complete blackness, even at midday you had to get around with a torch.

"But we were lucky — it dodged us and burnt the mountains around us."


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Click on the picture to the link of the times when Abbott and his gang, now the Scummo gangsters, started to destroy a gem, by starvation. Has there been a statement by Ita about the latest sackings at the ABC due to funding cuts?...


The Community and Public Sector Union (CPSU), whose members include ABC staff, has issued a statement criticising the latest job cuts. It says it is a case of “death by a thousand cuts for ABC staff”.

The CPSU says the latest plan will hit Australian content creators hard, as well as see an end to flagship ABC programs. It has called on the government to halt the funding freeze and commit to a five-year ABC funding model.

The union says the cuts will affect technology, news, entertainment, specialist and local teams, and will have “major impacts on content makers and specialist teams, stripping seniority and experience from the organisation”. It says the $5m cut to independent production “means less Australian drama and content on our screens”.

The secretary of the CPSU’s ABC section, Sinddy Ealy, said everyone could see that the media and arts industries had been hit hard by Covid-19, and they needed the ABC to assist in the recovery. 

Cutting jobs now is utter madness.

Ealy added:

The ABC has delivered through all major crises of this year. The ABC has provided in some cases lifesaving information throughout the droughts, fires and now a health pandemic. It is clear that Australia needs a strong ABC now more than ever.


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destroying the ABC is on the liberals' (CONservatives) agenda...



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unfortunately not...

Kevin Harris of Beecroft has a letter published in today's SMH (25/6/2020...


Upside to Aunty cuts

Will the proposed ABC changes result in the demise of the endless vacuous British panel shows in which ‘‘celebrities’’, largely unknown to Australians, jolly on with each other to the apparent delight of mostly unseen studio audiences (‘‘ABC outlines plans to cope with freeze’’, June 24)?

Kevin Harris, Beecroft



It is most likely that the ABC will get more of these, Kevin, for the single reason that these programs are cheap to buy while creating original material is expensive... So, the less money for the ABC, the less the ABC can produce, and the more it has to buy in... But the ABC budget cuts are a scandals as much as unnecessary. The ABC provides a great service to the nation and should be able to continue rather than being forced to destroy itself... 


The Libs are morons...

lean and starved...






dealing with budget cuts...

ABC to cut national head of emergency broadcasting position despite bushfires success

ABC management wants to eliminate the national position and instead run emergency broadcasting on a state-by-state basis

The ABC plans to make its national head of emergency broadcasting redundant following a deadly fire season during which Australians credited the organisation with saving lives.

As part of cuts announced by the national broadcaster this week, ABC management wants to eliminate the national position and instead run emergency broadcasting on a state-by-state basis.

Axing the national role will leave the ABC in a similar position to state fire agencies, whose parochial approach to information distribution caused confusion and misinformation in the border between New South Wales and Victoria this summer, the royal commission into national natural disaster arrangements has heard.


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Read from top. Liberals = idiots...

taking over the propaganda...

Now you might think that Tony Abbott was a clever man, standing up to China, Russia and making a fool of himself with Pommy Honours, but his lies about "not defunding" the ABC were some of the vilest actions of this stupid man.


Place this in your head: this vile character (who just got a gong for idiocy) categorically claimed he would not defund the ABC, before being elected — unless he meant "he would not defund the ABC before being elected" (a comma makes a big difference in the intentions of a con-man). Once elected he did exactly the opposite and took large amount of funds away from the ABC (talk about 700 millions over 7 years) to the clamour of his Liberals* mates and of course Rupert Murdoch who HATES the ABC. And as shown in the mischiefed picture at top, Malcolm Turnbull, as the Minister for decommunitating, obliged (Malcolm's NBN is a farce as well).


One of the "cleverest" parts of this defunding was to eliminate "Radio Australia" and such, which was transmitting to the Pacific nations and to the Asian nations, balanced news and views from Australia — on short waves. Note: unlike UHF, VHF and FM, short waves transmissions are the preferred means of listening to radio in most remote parts of the world... As well, the TV broadcast was then given to Channel 7, if my memory serves me right, to bore the people with commercial crap and advertising until it was shut down...


Meanwhile, the Chinese saw an opportunity. They took over the short wave broadcasting to the pacific nations in their own language (not in Chinese not in English)... The Australian propaganda was replaced by Chinese propaganda... So now our Liberal* government, the descendant of Tony Abbott's misery-guts, is up in arms about this... HELLO? As well, the decent Pacific diplomacy by Labor was soon replaced with Liberal* disdain... Remember Julie Bishop fucup joke about Kiribati and rising sea levels?...




A tiny Pacific country delivered China an important victory this week.


Key points:
  • Kiribati's Government wants to develop infrastructure at their atolls to boost tourism
  • Canberra and Washington are worried about China's financial support in the Pacific
  • Kiribati and the Solomon Islands abandoned alliances with Taiwan last year


Kiribati, an archipelago of atolls scattered along the equator, re-elected President Taneti Maamau to serve a second term after a robust election campaign.

The man responsible for the switching Kiribati's allegiance from Taiwan to China survived the challenge to both his leadership and his diplomatic manoeuvring.

The nascent relationship with Beijing now has space to grow, but the continuity doesn't mean calmness.

There are concerns China's growing presence in Kiribati could prove disruptive, both among the atolls and between superpowers.


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Read from top. Note Liberal* denotes that they are not liberals but CONservatives. This Liberal moniker is a misnomer created by Menzies and designed to confuse people about their rabid reactionary intent...

no effing merger please!

ABC chairwoman Ita Buttrose has lashed out at Communications Minister Paul Fletcher over the Morrison government's handling of its multimillion-dollar budget cuts and accused him of lying about the national broadcaster's efforts to collaborate with SBS.

In a fresh war of words between the taxpayer-funded broadcaster and the Coalition government, Ms Buttrose has accused Mr Fletcher of twice failing to provide the ABC board and management with the critical data that informed an independent report proposing the closure of two broadcast channels and the sharing of back-office and support services with fellow public broadcaster SBS.

Ms Buttrose has also said the government misrepresented the ABC's efforts to work closer with SBS.

In a strongly-worded letter to Mr Fletcher, seen by The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald, Ms Buttrose said the ABC's board had asked her to "convey its concerns" about Mr Fletcher's lack of response to correspondence between the pair in September last year.

"We raised a number of issues but were particularly interested in seeing 'the information - data, models and assumptions - which formed the basis for the savings estimates provided in the report'," Ms Buttrose wrote.

"I appreciate you have a busy schedule but we would appreciate an answer to our queries."

Ms Buttrose said several media reports, which ABC management believes were informed by Mr Fletcher, had suggested the ABC "had neglected to 'collaborate more closely with SBS'".

"This is incorrect," Ms Buttrose wrote. "David Anderson has had several conversations with SBS about sharing costs".

A Peter Tonagh-led review of the public broadcasters was handed to the Morrison government in March last year, but its details were kept confidential as the ABC developed plans to cut costs. Some recommendations - such as an increased focus on digital growth, improving the ABC's iview platform and reducing investment in products that are not central to the ABC charter - were effectively adopted in the plan announced yesterday, but an ABC spokesman said that if all had been implemented there would have been more cuts.


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Gus view:

Either Ita is naive, or she is playing a double-cross game... SHE HAS TO FIGHT FOR PROPER FUNDING OF THE ABC AND SBS, not try to fiddle the books by little management adjustments (data, models and assumptions) that might work in the commercial environment (though she failed with a lot of her own ventures, even with the best capitalist behind her: Kerry Packer), but this is a PUBLIC SERVICE, not a packet of cornflakes nor a male nudity contest. Ita, wake up or shooof offff... You are not helping.

It's obvious that the more cut the ABC can do to its PUBLIC SERVICE, the more the Liberal* government is going to cut funding and demand more cuts UNTIL THE ABC IS NO MORE. This is the ultimate game plan of the Liberals* (as per the IPA's wishes) — and Ita has to fight for the ABC, but her fiddles are piss-weak and to some extend deceitful, unless she's so naive!!!!.

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hitting morrison with a wet lettuce...

Ita Buttrose rebukes Scott Morrison's claims the ABC's budget has not been cut

ABC chair says it ‘has been a devastating week for the ABC’ but the company refutes claims it is losing emergency broadcasting capacity

ABC chair Ita Buttrose has publicly refuted Scott Morrison over claims the broadcaster’s budget has not been cut, clarifying indexation freezes will amount to an $83m reduction over three years.

Buttrose’s claims come as the ABC’s former national head of emergency broadcasting responded to reports there are plans to make the role redundant, warning such a move could “put the lives of Australians at risk” following a deadly fire season during which the broadcaster was credited with providing critical safety information.

On Friday, Buttrose released a statement responding to the prime minister’s comments on Thursday that “the ABC’s funding is increasing every year” and that “there are no cuts”.

“If you’re working in the media industry, if you’re a journalist today, the safest place for you to be is actually at the ABC,” Morrison said.


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Yes, Ita... we all know that Scott Morrison is lying... You need to do more than this to save the ABC from the Liberal destroyers... 

They do it a small cut at a time... until:

no cuts, just slices...

No cuts, just slices...

Scott Morrison is a bullshitter...



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scomo bullshits about the ABC funding...

The ABC costs the commonwealth half as much as it did in the mid-1990s, managing director David Anderson has said, in a rejection of the prime minister’s claim that ABC funding is increasing every year.

“In 2018/19, expenditure on the ABC represented around 0.2% of all commonwealth government spending,” Anderson told the National Press Club. “In the mid-1990s the level was around 0.4% – twice as much proportionally as today.”

Anderson said that despite receiving less funding the ABC was doing more across more platforms than ever before.

“The ABC is currently undergoing one of the biggest transformations in its 88-year history,” he said. “Its first wireless radio broadcast back in July 1932 was estimated to have reached 6% of Australia’s population. Today the ABC reaches 90% of the population each year.”

Anderson said the ABC did not have more than $1bn to spend each year as has been claimed by the government and rightwing critics. Once fixed transmission costs were removed it left $880m of operational funding to spend across all its services after the indexation freeze.

“From the 7pm news bulletin, news online, Four Corners, to local radio across 48 regional locations and capital cities, to dramas like Mystery Road,” he said. “From the sounds of Australia on Triple J, classic, RN, to iconic children’s content like Bluey. All of it.”

After the ABC responded to the Coalition’s budget cuts by announcing staff cuts and cuts to services last month, the prime minister said there were “no cuts” to the ABC’s funding and it was “increasing every year”.

“The ABC would be the only media company or organisation in Australia today whose revenue – their funding – is increasing,” Scott Morrison said.

In May, a Per Capita report found that the ABC had lost $783m in funding since the Coalition came to power. According to the budget papers, the government saved $84m on ABC funding between 2019 and 2022.

Anderson addressed the dispute, referring to “broad public commentary about the cost of the ABC”.

“It is often mentioned that the ABC’s budget is over a billion dollars per year,” he said. “This is a significant investment from the taxpayer for which we provide great value in return.

“To break the budget down, roughly $185m is spent annually on transmission and distribution. This includes long-term contracts with third parties that stretch out to 2035.”

Anderson’s comments backed up those from his chair, Ita Buttrose, who earlier had publicly refuted Morrison and clarified that indexation freezes amounted to an $83m reduction over three years.

Anderson called for the ABC triennial funding model to be changed to a five-year funding cycle.

“We believe a five-year funding cycle would take the ABC out of the politics of the three-year federal electoral cycle and further safeguard its independence,” he said.

“Longer term planning is required for the task of modernising the ABC, which includes shifting our focus towards on-demand programming, while maintaining our high editorial standards.”


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Either Scotty from marketing is ignorant, does not know how to count or is bullshitting... The odds are Scomo is BULLSHITTING... BIG TIME... and he gets away with it because the Murdoch media let him off the hook. The murdoch media hate the ABC all around...



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