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spruiking bushit .....

‘Less than 18 months after U.S. President George W. Bush
declared in his 2005 Inaugural Address his unequivocal commitment to the
"ultimate goal of ending tyranny in our world", tyrants, particularly
in the Islamic world, are taking heart. 

From North Africa to Central
Asia, top U.S. officials are busy embracing dictators - and their sons, where
appropriate - even as they continue to mouth the pro-democracy rhetoric that
became the hallmark of the administration's foreign policy pronouncements,
particularly after the 2003 invasion of Iraq failed to turn up evidence of
weapons of mass destruction or ties to al Qaeda. 

Reactor For Spaceport

Who's involved in an unexpected consortium proposal for a nuclear reactor at Woomera? 

Australian foundation member of the International Nuclear Energy Academy Professor Leslie Kememy has spearheaded a push for a reactor near South Australia's Spaceport, and a feasibility study for a three billion dollar reactor was being conducted.

Leslie, who told Adelaide's Advertiser that he had been hired by a consortium as a technical consultant, but declined to give their name

fear .....

‘Fear is a very powerful tool. Powerful enough to cause
human beings to hold a gun to their head and pull the trigger. Fear is powerful
enough, too, to cause an entire society to, figuratively speaking, hold a gun
to their liberty and pull the trigger. John Adams said, "Remember,
democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There
is never a democracy that did not commit suicide." 

fear can cause a democracy to commit suicide. Fear and a group of people so filled
with greed and their belief in their right to rule, that they forsake the
politics of hope and prey on the fears of the people.’ 

a moral void .....

‘Amnesty International says President George Bush's
tactics in his fight against terrorists have made the United States comparable
to Augusto Pinochet's Chile and Hafez Assad's Syria in its acceptance of
torture and disregard of legal restraints. 

In its annual report of human
rights conditions around the world, Amnesty included the US alongside China,
Russia, Columbia, Uzbekistan and others as states that claim anti-terrorism to
justify gross violations. 

Senior Democrat Senator Calls For US AWB Probe, AWB Says Bribes Tax Deductible

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The top Democrat on the U.S. Senate
Agriculture Committee on Tuesday called for a probe into the Australian
Wheat Board's alleged violations of the United Nations oil for food
program, saying the Bush administration had not heeded the concerns of
America's wheat farmers.

Sen. Tom Harkin of Iowa wrote to the
U.S. Agriculture Department Inspector General seeking an independent
review after letters to Agriculture Secretary Mike Johanns and U.S.
Trade Representative Rob Portman earlier this year failed to produce
any action, a spokesman for Harkin's office said.

dangerous people .....

‘I would emphasize that it's not because Cheney, Rumsfeld,
and Wolfowitz are diabolical creatures intent on doing evil. 

They genuinely believe it's in
the interests of the United States, and the world, that unconstrained American
power should determine the shape of the international order. I think they
vastly overstate our capabilities. For all of their supposed worldliness and
sophistication, I don't think they understand the world. I am persuaded that
their efforts will only lead to greater mischief while undermining our
democracy. Yet I don't question that, at some gut level, they think they are
acting on your behalf and mine. 

tears of a somnolent majority .....

‘We have reached a deplorable state where an injured horse
elicits a stronger response than a dead or maimed fellow American. 

Recall for a moment the soldier cited in the film who lost
both legs and an arm. He won’t ever again ride a bike as he did as an energetic
young boy. He won’t be able to take leisurely evening strolls with his wife. He
won’t be able to practice tackling or jump shooting with his son. And he won’t
be able to walk his daughter down the aisle on the most important day of her
life as he "hands" her off to the man of her dreams. 

linguistic police .....

Commander Cosgrove's New Battle Game- Board And Playing Pieces


 This is all that is really relevant about Adelaide now.  All the rest is superficial:


(map and links below from  Map shows up on edit but won't publish... weird.

Follow the links for news stories and articles to
find out more about the recent successes of South Australia's
defence industry.

keeping up democratic appearances .....


‘Two years ago, with great fanfare, Egypt's president,
Hosni Mubarak, set up a new organization called the Egyptian Supreme Council
for Human Rights. The aging dictator named Boutros Boutros-Ghali, the former
secretary-general of the United Nations, as the Council's chairman. 

‘The government-backed body was
greeted with widespread skepticism from the Egyptian and international human
rights communities. The Council had no independent authority to investigate
allegations of human rights abuses committed by the government. Its role was
strictly advisory. And it did not report to the president, rather to a body
known as the Shura Council, which is roughly like Britain's House of Lords. 

South Aust Premier In London To Sell Uranium?

South Australian Premier Mike Rann isn't known as "Media Mike" for nothing.  This is why it's suprising that Rann has made a trip to England with no public fanfare.  His website isn't even operative to convey his media releases!

Mr Rann usally makes great media mileage from his visits, proposing M-1 tank reconstruction facilities, visiting warship contract contenders, generally publicising his intentions from the perceived locales of "the horse's mouth"  This is why it's surprising that the best our Premier has had to offer is that our defence contract bids are to be managed by a man who doesn't live in South Australia.  Rann's climate change consulant, by the way, is also about to become a Sydney resident.

Cosgrove To Lead Charge For South Australian Defence Contracts


The former head of the Australian military, General Peter Cosgrove,
will lead South Australia's bidding for multi-million dollar defence

Premier Mike Rann has announced General Cosgrove as the new chairman of the state's Defence Advisory Board.

General Cosgrove helped restore order in East Timor in 1999 and named Australian of the Year in 2001.

He will remain based in Sydney but will visit South Australia regularly.

a new best pal .....

‘Nothing the Bush administration
ever does is about oil. It didn’t invade Iraq because that country might have
more oil than Saudi Arabia. It isn’t threatening Iran because Iran has a tenth
of the world’s oil and one-sixth of its natural gas. And the United States
isn’t cozying up to autocrats in Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan because the Caspian
Sea is a mini-Persian Gulf in the middle of Central Asia, either. 

So it stands to reason, doesn’t
it, that Washington isn’t making a fuss over Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez because
that country is a major supplier of oil to the United States? And that it isn’t
making nice to Libya’s erratic Colonel Gadhafi because of oil, either? 

Australia-India Uranium Trade Tied To Nuclear Reactor Construction Contracts

I've highlighted the last sentence of this extract because it seems of particular significance to activity in Australia. 

 [from the Financial Express, poste 20/5/05]

MAY 19:  Seeking to meet its rising energy demands, India may
pay suppliers, including General Electric (GE) Co, Rs 1.8 trillion ($40
billion) to build nuclear reactors over the next 14 years, a government
official said.

France’s Areva SA, Electricite de France and US-based Westinghouse
Electric Co are among the possible providers of 25 to 28 reactors by
2020, chairman Nuclear Power Corporation of India, SK Jain said.

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