Friday 24th of May 2024

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blame the donkey...


US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has blamed failings by Nigerian leaders for increasing "radicalisation" among young Nigerians.

She pointed to poor living standards and "unbelievable" corruption.

Mrs Clinton was speaking after a young Nigerian man from a wealthy family was accused of trying to blow up a plane over the US on Christmas Day.

She said she believed that bombing suspect Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab was "disturbed by his father's wealth".

The Nigerian government has not responded to Mrs Clinton's criticism.

not the world at large...

not the world at large

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott says comments he made about when a woman should lose her virginity were meant only as advice for his three daughters.

When asked by the Australian Women's Weekly in a wide-ranging interview published today what advice he would give his daughters on sex before marriage, Mr Abbott replied that he would advise them not to give away their virginity lightly.

gay leonardo...

gay leonardo

Leonardo Da Vinci's remains are to be exhumed to allow scientists to establish whether the Mona Lisa is a disguised self-portrait.

Scientists and historians from Italy's National Committee for Cultural Heritage have sought permission to open the artist's tomb in France's Loire Valley.

They hope to find his skull which they can use to reconstruct his face to discover whether his famed masterpiece, the Mona Lisa, is in fact a self-portrait in disguise.

Mystery has surrounded the identity of the Mona Lisa for centuries.


disaster inc...

disaster inc...

holy bullets...

holly bullets

we, bankers...

greed is good

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Speaking to the Herald after announcing his plan on Thursday night for a permanent environmental workforce of 15,000, Mr Abbott said he would work out the details in conversation with green groups.

When asked how much an employee could expect to earn in the green army, Mr Abbott cited current standards for trainees and minimum wage-earners '' from $12,000 to $26,000''.

santa inc...

santa inc...

merry christmas, mr...

merry christmas, mr...
E.U. Blames Others for ‘Great Failure’ on Climate


BRUSSELS — European Union leaders on Tuesday sought to deflect criticism that they had fumbled their strategy at the Copenhagen climate summit meeting, just as a feud between the British and the Chinese over whom to blame for the outcome worsened.

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season's greetings

from the ABC

India has confirmed it worked with China and other emerging nations to ensure there were no legally binding targets from the Copenhagen climate talks.

Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh has told Parliament that India got its way at Copenhagen.

He says India, China, South Africa and Brazil emerged as a powerful force.

Mr Ramesh hailed the lack of legally-binding emissions targets and said the group had protected its right to continued economic growth.

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From the BBC

Gordon Brown will accuse a small group of countries of holding the Copenhagen climate summit talks to ransom.

The 193-nation UN conference ended with delegates simply "taking note" of a US-led climate deal that recognised the need to limit temperature rises to 2C.

Mr Brown said on Monday the talks were "at best flawed and at worst chaotic" and called for a reformed UN process.

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