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Former President Donald Trump will be getting a portrait in the Smithsonian. At some point.

In April, the Smithsonian Institute said it was "pursuing commissioned portraits of former President Trump and Mrs. Trump," but did not have any further details to share at the time. 

Now June, six months since the Trumps left the White House, and the museum says it still has no further details to share about the painting which will ultimately hang in the National Portrait Gallery America's Presidents exhibition.

The presidential portrait process is a lengthy one and, for some, it begins while still in office.


Barack Obama chose the artist to paint his museum portrait, Kehinde Wiley, during his presidency. Wiley's work took more than two years from his first conversation about the commission to the February 2018 unveiling.


As Wiley explained in a 2018 interview with The New Yorker, his selection came after a series of meetings at the White House.

"Well, first off, you don't really just get the gig. You have to show up and essentially audition for it," Wiley told the magazine. "There was a series of meetings back in the Oval Office when Obama was the president. And I remember being as nervous as I've ever been."

Wiley continued: "I think I'm pretty good at representing what my work stands for. But when you're sitting down with the head of state and discussing how he fits within a history of representation, how he specifically can interface with your aesthetic - that's a pretty high bar to cross."


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The question is, should Donald become the 47th President, does he gets the right to another portrait in the gallery? See also: 

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 US lawmakers have voted to remove all statues honoring Confederate officials from the halls of Congress, with nearly 70 Republicans joining rivals across the aisle to back the measure, which will now head to the Senate. 

The bill passed the House in a 285-120 vote on Tuesday, with all Democrats supporting the legislation alongside 67 Republicans. Expected to be signed by President Joe Biden if it secures approval in the upper chamber, the law would see all statues of Confederate leaders pulled from the US Capitol, including a bust of Chief Supreme Court Justice Robert Taney, who penned the notorious Dred Scott decision, ruling that black Americans did not qualify for citizenship.


Though the bill was greenlit in Congress last year, passing with even more GOP support at the time, it was later blocked by a Republican-controlled Senate. But with a Democratic majority in both chambers this time around, the measure will need support from only 10 Senate Republicans to move to Biden’s desk.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-California) backed the legislation, but nonetheless hit out at Democrats during floor debate on Tuesday, claiming that every statue slated for removal portrayed a member of their own party – which once harbored pro-slavery and later segregationist politicians.

“What’s interesting is the statues that need to be removed were sent to the Capitol by states that were majority-controlled by Democrats [and] sent to a House that was majority-controlled by Democrats” who approved them, McCarthy added.


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