Saturday 20th of July 2019

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which one is the bunny?......


"The Special Counsel's report, even in redacted form, outlines substantial evidence that President Trump engaged in obstruction and other abuses," Mr Nadler said in a statement. 

tony awaits his resurrection... after having been put to death by cross-questioning about his bodgies.


Tony Abbott is willing to resume the leadership of the Liberal party if his parliamentary colleagues draft him but said he would not run in contested ballot for the top job.

the sludge is in great health...


A couple of my European friends got disappointed with the GBR. They went to three "touristic" places and all they saw was green sludge on dead corals...


Meanwhile the great debate continues with a judge not judging on the judgeable Climate Science or Freedom of Speech, but on terms of employment, meaning that should you employ an idiot who goes against your trading integrity and damages your goods, you can not sack him as this would be something like breaking a contract of employment. How stupid is this?


and do not forget to vote against scummo's troops, to save the ABC...

scummo guns against the abc

A Senate committee has declared political interference — or the prospect of it — is experienced "to varying degrees" throughout the ABC.

a crime, with not a single good intention...


Andrew Bacevich reviews Michael Mazarr’s Leap of Faith, and he rejects the author’s contention that the Iraq war was the product of good intentions gone awry:

the one sided coin...


If ever there was a case for fake news being fake, it was the post-Mueller report hot takes that emerged on Thursday. Just when you thought things couldn’t get any more embarrassing for the purveyors of the Russiagate hoax, the Fourth Estate outdid itself by doubling down on the Russian collusion narrative with the tenacity of Jack from The Titanic clinging to the wooden door.

double trouble: doing two things at the same time...

double trouble

The double-slit experiment has baffled scientists since 1801. It’s like a hypocritical political speech of Donald Trump or a Mueller’s report: though it does not infer something, it seems to have inferred something. It says two contradicting things at the same time — or is it one after the other? Do we all do this ambiguous shit?…

happy with himself for turning the world into a rotten pumpkin with the best hypocritical wand in his tool box...

the rotten pumpkin fairy
In an unprecedented move, the Trump administration, under VP Pence, is making an all-out effort to have the UN expel Venezuela's ambassador to the UN

is paris burning?

notre dame

I could be so uncouth as to idiotically go below the stupid reasons why Notre Dame of Paris went up in flame… I will be so uncouth...

feed the man meat...


"Feed the man meat" is sexist, of course — like most religious organisations are. "Feed the man meat" was the rallying cry from the Australian Meat Corporation or such association of butchers and farmers. So they changed the pitch to something less sexist. But religions are still sexist and allowed to be like men only clubs. Or ruled by men, like barbecues with the females doing the salads only.


Imagine a woman becoming pope and discovering all the secret devious shenanigans of the previous Doodahs... Instead of Alleluyah she might suddenly say fuck! with her eyes popping out.


But, she would have to carry on the merchandising of "spirituality," though we are told in uncertain terms that:



the phuktards are always abusing children... cool story bro...

inside tasmania

The above graphic doing the rounds of social media lifts the veil of illusion from Australia's PM Scott Morrison.

We all know people like Morrison are alleged to believe in an 'end of days' culminating in a 'battle of armageddon' in an illusory 'holy land'.

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