Monday 17th of June 2024

Your Democracy Stickers

I want to have some stickers made. (I have about 10 Not Happy John! stickers left). Here's a couple of ideas. If you have any designs, email them to me by feedback.

Tho logo is a concept by a friend of Margo's, Rose McKinley. There is a story behind it, which I'll leave Margo to tell.

sticker ideas

Koori Kolours

May I suggest gold, red and black for the sticker ... By the way Ryan Mason compiled useful links and good summary on Media reform on the fast-track 'Communications Minister Helen Coonan has announced she wants to free the Australian media industry from the current ownership restrictions as early as this year. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Senator Coonan says the current laws give media companies 'no room to move'. Senator Coonan's comments, originally reported by The Australian Financial Review, could pave the way for mergers between television, radio and newspaper companies as soon as this year. 'I am both committed and determined that we will get some media reform, and hopefully later this year,' Senator Coonan said. Some cross-media ownership controls would remain, depending on how deals affected media diversity, she said. Cross-media ownership law reforms were last in the spotlight two years ago. The federal government's efforts to change the laws were denied after the opposition and minor parties rejected the proposals, calling them 'a threat to democracy'. If it breeds, it leads: by Ryan Mason Jozef

Let's Dream of Your Democracy Conference

A great place to make the stickers stick ;-)

A Quick Guide to the Second Annual Personal Democracy Forum, This Monday, May 16 Second annual Personal Democracy Forum


stickers or a fridge magnet?

G'day Hamish - saw you around at our neck of the woods as well, at the newsletter - welcome! Been wondering whether it's time to 'demand' another fridge magnet from Howard ... alerting refugee advocates if you get worried about being deported.

Here's my take on the deportation issues. Hoping to make fridge magnets for World Refugee Day to drive the point home - they will have the Project SafeCom website link on them. Here's one for notifying Webdiary.

Project SafeCom, Narrogin WA
"....proudly undermining human rights abusers since September 2001"

Welcome Jack

Hi Jack. Your reputation precedes you and I'm very pleased to see you on YD.

I've added your blog link under 'Member's Off-site Blogs'.

Hope to see you around.

Update: I had a chat to Jack and he will be blogging on YD, so we will see him around. His site is the best citizen-activist resource I know of about the refugee issue in Australia.

Rodent's worst kept secret

Thanks Hamish, and thanks for this welcome invite. I'm keen to fill a role on information sharing and helping to build this resource also, there's plenty to say about democratic accountability and what we do to refugees. The fact that refugee treatment was the core issue since the 2001 election is John Howard's worst kept secret, perhaps we should say Howard and Beazley's worst kept secret.

Project SafeCom, Narrogin WA
"....proudly undermining human rights abusers since September 2001"