Tuesday 25th of June 2024

Save the Republic!

Moveon.org are doing some framing with popular culture. Funny in the last couple of days the Star Wars theme has popped up here a couple of times.

Here is the brief from Moveon, where you can also download a pdf 'Revenge of the Frist' flyer and a TV add, for which they have raised an impressive US$1.2 million.

Save the Republic!

This week, Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith opens in theaters nation-wide. And weirdly enough, the plot of what will undoubtedly be one of the biggest films in movie history revolves around a scheming senator who, seduced by visions of absolute power, transforms a democratic republic into an empire.

The movie’s opening buzz and its parallel theme to our current judicial fight present a great opportunity to educate the public — and have some fun. So we’ve put together a flyer that draws on themes from the Revenge of the Sith story to explain the very real threat to democracy posed by the nuclear option. Any chance you can take half an hour tonight or tomorrow to pass out some of these flyers to folks in line at your local theater?

Is this an ingenious use of framing or a lame resort to popular culture? I put the question because I am genuinely wondering. I have echoes of Liv Tyler asking, "Where is the ring-bearer?" Is this just a liberal version of escape?

Double-edged sword

It appears to be innocent enough...

But I will say proper education and "fun" like this do not go together.

Especially when there is a commercial carrot attached to the proposal. This can appear as a sweeping statement and it is. But often in order to “educate

Wars and propaganda

Hey Hamish, I mentioned it as part of one of my posts as it is everywhere, everywhere. The actual film is being described as crap by many, even devotees. But that doesn't mean anything at all as it will still be huge.

I think what Moveon are doing is just taking advantage of an opportunity. They are taking advantage of an easy target with the hope of converting a few klingons or whatever the people call themselves. Is this lame? Does it matter Hamish if they can spread their views? The main action for their flyer distributors I suspect is they will be treated as wankers trying to bring politics into a fun time. But, again, who cares if they get a few extra who listen? They'll probably have a fun night anyway. As long as they carry light sabres no one will know the difference.

Maybe they will just have fun and convert nobody. But they are doing something other than debating and I have to applaud that at least.

There's certainly nothing deep and meaningful about popular culture but what it does do is gather crowds which are then available to others who want to spread the word etc. So why not? It ain't brilliant reframing or anything like that Hamish. It's simply taking advantage of an opportunity.

I guess that's why I used the analogy in my post, because it's topical and maybe someone would get a laugh from it.

I have never seen these movies, I prefer the reality of Dr Who (yes, I loved it and can't wait for the movie) with their cardboard effects and props etc.

And I had no idea of the plot of this one either.

But the plot as described is certainly an omen for all klingons. It's obviously really isn't it? It's forecasting Pauline's resurrection as a Senator and the subsequent change in our society. I've never seen such a clear sign!!

Tongue firmly in cheek.


What are you talking about? You have written something that can not be understood Gus.

Can you please rewrite in on paragraph and tell us just what your point is?

How many carrots can you get to the acre by using a bit of stick in an innocent way in the bush in the free world that is so expensive but you can go to Asia with a wong attitude?

Fairy tales

Hey Gus, you're spot on about fairy tales being popular. My favourite book of fairy tales is THE book. Can I say it? B I B L E.

I must disagree about fun and education not going together. In fact that is the best way to let people learn, when they enjoy what they are doing, when they have fun learning. Whether it be at a movie theatre foyer or in a classroom the key is getting the people's attention and fun is the best way to do that.

Learning doesn't have to be serious and glum. Nor does politics as you know. Cartoons are one of the best ways of passing political messages. Isn't that learning through fun Gus?

I'd like to see more fun and less serious posts myself. Not all of course but let's try and laugh too, puhleez. A little balance.


cryptic contributors; confession

In all good humour Len, you can be a little cryptic yourself sometimes.

But this is my own confession of using popular culture for cynical purposes.

I thought a discussion about movies might be a lighter way to get Saturday going. I don't want to block anyone from being deathly serious, there is no time to waste and there are plenty of very serious things happening in the World, even on weekends. But hell, I thought, when I received an email about moveon's Star Wars take, here's an opportunity for those who've had a huge, crap week to talk about movies.

Political or allegorical reviews of Revenge of the Sith are very welcome.

First thing Monday morning I will once again despise the capitalist, military-industrial complex funded, culturally imperialistic and ecologically catastrophic Hollywood pulp, and be back to business. Promise.

well said

Hey Hamish, how dare you take time off for the lighter side. If you turn slightly to your right and smile ASIO will take a photo of you having fun.

I too want to see some fun and less seriousness as that is actually my best asset, humour. Much of what I write has the intent of trying to make people laugh but I guess I too will return to being deadly serious, when my funeral song starts any way.

Ho Ho Ho.

Fun in eduction

I got the reaction I deserve... I was naughty... I was stirring.

In fact learning through fun, especially as kids is great.

But there are subjects that cannot be taught through fun. For example the reality of pain, especially that of someone else. In one of my posts, I referred to a young friend being blown up by an abandoned grenade. There was no fun there I can assure you, even if as a kid it was difficult to comprehend. The image never vanishes, and there was no fairy tales - a crippled kid for the rest of his life, with an eye missing in a distorted face, an arm missing a leg missing and paralyzed from the waist down. Reality check for us not to go and play in the bunkers.

What I was pointing out was that it's easier to learn crap through fun that real facts. Even through gloom one can learn more crap that real facts, and I was basically attracting attention to the fact that because it is fun to learn, it does not mean that what is learned is correct. So fun needs to be very carefully managed if it is a dispenser of formal rigorous knowledge.

As kids at play, no worries - one can learn to survive a few scratches, even a broken arm through fun games. Not that we have to be aggressive to have fun, but the greater interaction of adult is quite vicious, even in the most of gracious ways. People die. Not that fun is absent, but it is managed to suit.

Hence my cartoons being quite aggressive in the fun department, but also so sad as they are often so true. I wish they were not.

Naughty Gus

Hey Gus, well spoken. It can be so hard to say what we want and have everyone follow us. I try to say things as simply as I can because that's how my mind works. Simple is best. Of course I too can be obtuse and cryptic but if I am it's generally meant as a joke, as did you.

You're right of course that pain is a sure way of learning. I have learnt so much that way but naturally I would have preferred to have just heard and believed rather than experience.

By the way, I have seen a couple of your efforts but not the one above. So you're getting close!


Bugger the movies

I'm waiting for Doctor Who