Sunday 2nd of October 2022

the double cross of australian politics...

double cross

We've got to laugh... Laurel and Hardy are always fighting each others but are in plots as thick as thieves... They are united in schemes to make you laugh while stealing your cash. You cannot have one without the other... And by strange construct of the political system, we now have the TOONY & PALMY show...  I am a conspiracy theorist at the best of time and this one takes the cake...

I believe that Palmer and Abbott are in a "conspiracy" though I do not have any proof, thus it's only a hunch... But I think It's quite easy to pick, really... In my exposé of the double-cross system I explore this:

"How does the double-cross system work? It uses devious secret ways to transfer erroneous information about government activity in war or in peace to achieve a particular belief in the enemy's mind or in the general public's perceptions. These days we tend to call some of it spin, but spin is crude and only a part of a double-cross and sometimes spin will be oriented against the undercurrent of the double cross, to make the double-cross more effectively sneaky."

Now this is the way it works. Palmer has oodles of cash and he is not afraid to spend a bit to APPEAR as if he is against Toony (of course I mean Tony... it was a deliberate Freudian slip here...). Thus Palmy creates "distractions" through flamboyant court cases here and there about who lied and who did not, and since it's words of someone against another without "proofs", it just part of the show business. As well as appearing like a debonair buffoon, Palmy pronounces with gravitas that he will not get the "repeal of the carbon tax through parliament unless it is applied retrospectively". That was six months ago in black and white, on tape, on record... I did not believe him then. I though anyone who believed "Palmer would stick to his words" was a moron. And I am right. Now Palmer is prepared to "concede" on "his" policy platform... It's called a switcheroo, a sting, a con-trick... It's slapstick politics. But many people fall for it.
And while we should cry about the disintegration of the political system, we're laughing at the Toony and Palmy Show... Ahahahahah... May the politically illiterate stooges that Palmer "acquired" on his team wake up and do the dirty on him... But that would be too much honesty to ask for.
So what's in it for Toony? well our attention is diverted, divided, distracted from the horrors and future horrors of Toony's budget... and of his desires to destroy our proper understanding of the planet by refusing to know about it while telling us about (his fake) economic values. The scribes are being dazzled by the Toony and Palmy show, forgetting that when one is distracting you with "opposing" antics, the other does the pickpocketting... Don't forget that Tony (and Baird) is very much in touch with the Opus Dei mob. He is a B A Santamaria follower plus he has adapted the sting with a full-blown capitalist mantle and no regard for social issues, while claiming the opposite. Neat trick... 
For Palmy, despite spending some pocket money on his distracting theatre, he is bound to make loads more cash, with the government "giving him" and his fellow miners new ports and new access to mine whatever they want — as a pay-back for his services (of course not spelt out like this, but as a duty to mine this country to make it rich)... Ugly?... You'll be the judge if there is a conspiracy, in which Campbell Newman is part thereof, by playing a foil... I could be wrong, though I am much older than all these political trapezisti...



So in case you've forgotten or not know about this very elaborate technique of making you believe in falsehood, here is a repeat of my view of the Double-Cross System.

The "double-cross system" has been used in war and peace, in order to deceive. 

It was made very effective during WWII by J. C. Masterman, the head of the "double-cross system in the English secret service. It helped greatly in winning the war. 

This system has been used to lead an enemy to believe in false information, it has also been used to prop up moral of people in desperate situations and is often use to manipulate public belief at large. I am using the name double-cross here to describe a well organised conspiracy to lie convincingly on a grand scale.

"Double cross" characters are always difficult if not impossible to detect unless the originator of the secret double cross reveals its deed, during or after the event — as most of the front personnel of a double-cross is either unaware, devious to the hilt or dead — or on the way to be dead. 

How does the double-cross system work? It uses devious secret ways to transfer erroneous information about government activity in war or in peace to achieve a particular belief in the enemy's mind or in the general public's perceptions. These days we tend to call some of it spin, but spin is crude and only a part of a double-cross and sometimes spin will be oriented against the undercurrent of the double cross, to make the double-cross more effectively sneaky.

It is used daily to various degree and complexity — including many "double-crosses" tacked together for the same purpose. At its most elaborate, it will lead a populace and US senators to believe in the rightful purpose of a war in Iraq, all spurned from a lying president... At its most simple, one could believe what is called deceit or lying is double cross... it's not. 

There is deceit and there is double-cross. 

Deceit is often simple and relies mostly on one source of deceitfulness. Any serious analysis can blow a simple lie out of the water. A double cross is ingrained, layered, tough and basically impossible to detect, even on a lie detector machine...

Double-cross is very elaborate and demands a solid conspiratorial compartmental structure of management. Spying organisations always are aware of it and use it. In order for a double cross system operation to succeed it needs a set up of information seemingly coming from different sources with some elasticity in order to instigate doubt, fear and/or belief from different directions, in a carefully choreographed timeline — and it needs to remain fiercely secret. 

There are thus many ways to create and manage a double cross event/belief depending on the information to be manipulated/disseminated. 

There, in the depth of some organisations — private, commercial and governmental — are event analysts and creator, some very bright minds, clever double-crossers (minders to the front line of fibbers/truthtellers) who can prepare for most eventualities in order to secretly steer the ship of deceit where it should beach. What we — the public — believe to be random or accidental events (or news items), even in chaotic crescendo, are carefully staged managed incidents (press released as well) with enough military precision to succeed, but nor too tightly packed as not to appear as a set-up conspiracy, Setting a double cross demands a deep knowledge of psychology, knowledge of betrayal and of allegiance mixes, in proportion that are specific to the individuals managed and of great understanding of individuals and of individuals in mobs (the masses) at the receiving end... It also demands an elastic adaptation to events not going the way originally planned, thus that all bases are covered.

The characters at the coal face of false information distribution are often innocent fodder — often credible professionals — who become part of an elaborate scheme that they may not suspect. It could start by dipping their toes into something that is innocuous enough through exciting participation in a small worthwhile event or simply by not recognising they are being manipulated or compromised. Once the clever ones discover they have been taken, the double-cross system makes sure there is no turning back... There are no "prisoners". The fodder often dies.

When the double-cross system uses poor sods, they may be given money to lie on record, then they are retired in ways that could not never be fathomed. Which journalists could say they ever met a defector from Iraq who really knew what was going on in the weapons of mass destruction department? None. Dead or vanished, or proven to be lying. Even a Challabi who was paid 350,000 US dollars a month to organise such "valuable" rubbish. 

A while after the beginning of the "war", Challabi was "tainted" by the CIA on false charges of fake currency dealing AND for "divulging sensitive information" to Iran (telling their codes had been broken by US intelligence —the Iranians knew that anyway but played along). In fact I believe the CIA was grooming him to become palatable in the eyes of the Shiite Iraqis so he could be elected to the Iraqi parliament and secretly carry on working for the US. The interesting factor here is that Challabi was tainted "TWICE" in order to reinforce his "liberation" from the exposed CIA clutches. To me it was a cheap trick. Sure, one needs more than one destructive aspect for a destructive attempt to be really successful. Striking from two directions at once, or in quick succession, is the way extinction works... Challabi's CIA's past was thus erased...

Sometimes by their own actions or expressed beliefs, some characters are used without manipulation, but they are watched closely so they can be cleverly counter-acted with specific fake surface information that is managed (targeted spin ahead of, during and after "revelations") to steer the "real truth" into a hole. Thus only the deceit —used as a rich counterpoint to the poor truth — is believed. Why so? The process reinforces the value of the false information by being challenged but not so much as to tear it apart. The double-cross system may just bait on a very small hook and voilà: It is easier to catch big fish on a small hook than catch small ones on a big hook...

Thus it is very difficult to know who is participating or has participated in a double cross system for the dissemination of false but CREDIBLE information. The purpose of double cross is to deceive on a grand scale, thus the fake information has to be credible and of mostly significant national or international magnitude. 

Valerie Plame was outed as a pay back for her husband having challenged the validity of the Nigerian uranium to Saddam... She was "lucky" she was not erased. So was her husband... The information about the uranium was so poor that even the media took it as a joke, thus protecting Valerie and her husband with the truth of his revelations... Had the couple been vanished, bigger questions would have been asked. Thus the system sailed through the small storm it itself created and continued the deceit by ignoring the "failure" (but was it a failure?). Even a few month after being exposed, the president was still using the fake information as part of a package of pointers to war with Iraq. 

I would suggest that recently, four characters were/are part of such system without their knowledge:

David Kelly

Mordechai Vanunu

Bruce E. Ivins

The fourth one is hell bent on disproving global warming.

I do not have any proof of their participation nor of a double-cross system in their cases, and this blog is only highly speculative, but the surface information bubbles on each case fits perfectly the double cross system of deception... 

David Kelly
David Kelly knew too much. He had to realise at some point — as a UK government scientist and an expert in biological weapons who had served on the United Nations weapons inspection team — that some major REAL information he knew was conflicting with what the UK government was dishing out. 

Some of the information he had supplied was being rehashed to suit the government line, contrary to their content. Thus David Kelly was caught in a conflict of serving his government or becoming a whistle blower, knowing there was some shenanigans going on... I strongly believe he was carefully monitored and managed from the onset, because within the ranks of the government, someone somehow had to know eventually that disembowelling David Kelly's information would be noticed by David Kelly himself. In the double-cross system, very little is left to hazard.

People like David Kelly do not operate in a vacuum — they have friends, colleagues and families — although by the end of his travails, he was isolated, as a perfect end to a successful double-cross. Often the system makes optimised use of the duty/knowledge conflict to expose the characters to sunlight, and the system is constructed so that the characters will drive themselves into the mud more and more, especially if they tell the truth. 

In some instances, a double-cross could be called "damage control", but I believe in the David Kelly case the UK government would have been fully aware of David's meetings, movements and spills before the big blow up. It was seemingly using a damage-control situation to expose the importance of the government "dilemma" in having information, some conflicting (David Kelly's — under "management" by the secret service), but the overwhelming majority of which was "pointing to war". We had to feel sorry for Blair caught in trying to "diplomatically" solve the Saddam's conundrum peacefully, when, really, war had been secretly declared long before... Blair was telling porkies, Bush was telling porkies and the little Australian master J.W. Howard was doing his bit to tell porkies "in the national interest"... 

"Managers" of such double-cross are well aware that in order to tell the truth, the manipulated characters often have to be deviously communicating, using deceit secretly conflicting with allegiances to the employer. Thus the truth soon gets wiped out by the character himself/herself when pursued by the justice system, or government commissions in which the character admits that he/she lied because he/she did. 

And their position is belittled — by exposing he/she had not full access to the "real core" of the information (seeAndrew Wilkie) he's referring to (no one ever has the full deck, especially the double-cross system's manager who is also a small cog in the greater system) inferring their knowledge is half-cocked — making sure he's/she's not credible. Sure, David Kelly lied to cover his tracks but this is irrelevant. He is portrayed as a liar and a deceitful person. The double cross system makes sure that in these cases, he/she is abandoned with very weak legal representation, he/she is surrounded by a moat of stench, hounded into the ground, he/she is destroyed or he/she "destroys" himself/herself "proving" that his/her claims were ludicrous...

The lies win hands down, even if there is some doubts. Even in the case of Valerie Plame, her loyalty to her country stopped her from doing what she should be doing, beyond a simple spirited protest... To expose more of herself would lead to spilling the beans on the CIA operations — a crime highly punishable, an impossible crime because release of the information would also be treason. No papers, no media — as silly as they can be — would touch it.

Truth versus porkies
The mathematics are there to prove that only 67 per cent of the "aware" population per cent need to believe the information for the whole system to work... If that critical figure is not reached, it is not a problem per say in populations of docile or ignorant subjects (!!!!), but the dose of fear and lies can be tweaked up if necessary. 

Thus we were made to believe "the dossiers were not sexed up" despite having been made from the thickest of black lies... 

Even if we believed they had been sexed up, there was enough doubt (national secrecy, you know et al) in the pipeline to still push our fears towards the government's position. So the deception, the lingering doubt aided by the government managed medatic hysteria made sure the truth would not win. 

The media and government disinformation channels need to stay above 67 per cent in favour of the lies for the lies to prevail over a long period. At most time, while preparing for war in Iraq, the media was about 85 per cent in favour of the lies. 

Piece of cake.

And the government own agencies organised some side show to make sure the media would buy the "hoax". Media orgs are tarts, beetles pushing daily dung uphill, ready to swallow "exclusivity" like a blotting paper — or, not to show my age, a kitchen absorbent paper that swallows thrice the amount of "spill". Eager to have the news first, media organisations prostitute for "secret and exclusive info", and they also love biffo. Without some biffo of sort, media doesn't exist or dies doing weather reports. In my schematic cartoon exposition of the process, I did show the media playing its role. In in one can see ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation as well as the American Broadcasting Company) prominently being fed... Fox was directly "connected" from Rupert visiting Bush, weekly or so...

Thus the surface media liaison office of the governments, in tune with the undercurrent results of double-cross, has to give some "burley", exclusive titbits here and titbits there with probability of a "regrettably unavoidable" war despite all "diplomatic" efforts for the whole thing to spread like butter on hot toast. The media becomes excited at the prospect of being embedded... The disinformation build-up towards war was so sustained that, whatever Saddam did, "he was telling lies when telling the truth". Saddam's 10,000 page accurate dossier on the disposal of Iraqi WMDs in the early 90s was shot into flame by the US, using a bit of surface spruiking that had been pre-massaged by some double-cross into the psyche of the US population ...

From the government propaganda office, such deceit is intensive work that needs to be seriously "managed". In the UK Alistair Campbell was doing the job in which the "national secrets and interests" rationale could be invoked to further muddy the waters, as well as compartmentalise the "knowledge", the "gathering of evidence" and the "massaging of the evidence" in a favourable loop.. 

Possibly at the beginning, the David Kelly affair may not have been a true double-cross system but I believe it was, and was managed like one, till his unfortunate end. 

Blair would have known but had no regrets. He forgot diligently the commandment of his god that forbids any killing in any shape or form, including war,, and Blair became a Catholic soon after. A simpatico conversion with the next character on the list...


Mordechai Vanunu
For a while I thought that Vanunu had been a Mossad agent whose main purpose had been to disseminate in a clever way the concept not denied nor confirmed that Israel had nuclear weapons. At the time, it seems highly profitable for Israel to remind the world about its possession of nukes or not, as an issue of international importance, without threats.

Its need was to rekindle subtle unsure fear in the mind of potential enemies still haggling annoyingly with tired weapons from the 1970s and earlier. But then after analysis of Vanunu's past and record, I am not so sure if he was Mossad... Either way, he played a part, willingly or not, in the uncertainty/certainty dichotomy of the existence of the Israeli nukes.

Mossad would have seen Vanunu as a pigeon to be plucked, or Vanunu was part of the sting by playing a double game from the start. I now believe Mossad spotted their pigeon... But in the long run it's only important to Vanunu himself, not to the information magnitude.

So from then on, I will take it as if Vanunu was an innocent bystander. 
In this affair, Mossad had to know that Vanunu — who had been, and still was, a strong voice against Israel's behaviour towards it's neighbours and the Palestinians — was working in one of the most sensitive sector of Israel's dirty secrets. Had Mossad acted as they usually do, Vanunu would have joined the ranks of fruit pickers in a kibbutz somewhere, after having been "dismissed" for something like poor performance or, better still, sexual harassment or simple culling of the workforce.... No... 

So despite his very public protests bagging Israel, Vanunu was employed for more than ten years as a lab technician in the secret nuke factory. A very fishy conflict of existence. Thus I believe Vanunu was being monitored closely. Signing documents not to "reveal" secrets would be like an invitation to do the opposite to anyone inclined to revolt, thus Vanunu. The Israelis had to know that... 

Let's accept Vanunu was battling his conscience between his beliefs and his duty, when he left his employment after taking some "revealing" pictures (they did not reveal much)... But the truth is he was "fired" from his job. From then on, it would have been a matter for Mossad to know when Vanunu was going to crack, because when one is fired, one is usually not "happy". Vanunu went through Asia, searching for enlightenment (considering conversion to Buddhism) and landed in Australia. 

There in Sydney's infamous King's Cross, Vanunu, a Moroccan Jew, converted to Anglicanism... Hum... And I believe in tall fairies... He started to show his pictures of the Israeli nuke installations to some of the parishioners (I knew one of the people who saw them AND told me at that time, before even the whole thing blew up)... In King's Cross, he met with a journalist (Peter Hounam) from the pommy paper "Sunday Times" then quickly eloped to the UK to spill the beans on a grand scale. I believe there was two seats for Mossad agents on that plane. Obviously, the SMH was too small a provincial potato to give an exclusive on the nukes to be denied or not.

But the Sunday Times was taking too long to check and counter-check the veracity of Vanunu's story (this serious cross-checking would not have alerted Mossad or the Israelis "staff" at the embassy, of course... he-he). Here I smell another rat. Vanunu — having waited about a year to let the world know about the Israeli nukes — was becoming so impatient he went to another paper within days, The Daily Mirror, and told his same story once more...

And a few days after that, this good Jewish-Anglican Vanunu became suddenly in love with a woman (an American Mossad agent, Cheryl) and within two days was flying to Rome on a "romantic" holiday — abandoning his quest to let the world know about the peril it faced: the secret Israeli nukes pointing somewhere... Ah women...

Once in Italy, Vanunu was "abducted by Mossad agents, drugged then shipped to Israel where he was put on trial for treason and espionage."

So, only FIVE DAYS after Vanunu had fallen in love, TWO DAYS or so after Vanunu had been abducted back to Israel (no one knew or cared were he was then), the Times published the information Vanunu had revealed... which was not much.

Magic. The cat was in the bag. All the Israeli government had to do was not to deny nor confirm the information, thus the world guessed the information was correct but not proven, because Vanunu's pictures were "inconclusive" and the story came only from one source — a low paid worker without access to anything and who had not been very bright thus had been "fired" (after 10 years of employment???). 

Bingo. Enough had been revealed to frighten the pants out of the Arabs, without saying anything concrete...

Of course Vanunu's trial was held in secret but "miraculously" he managed to place his hands on the window of the van he was transported in. On his hands were written the "details of his abduction" so journalists could get the info. The god of the Anglican Buddhists was on his side. And that of the journos...

What followed was Vanunu's imprisonment, release 11 years later, re-arrest for talking to the press etc... etc... 

Either Vanunu was a pigeon who thought he was a clever duck, either Vanunu was a Mossad agent who played his assigned role very well... Either way, I believe Mossad could have put the lid on his "revelations" at any Anglican/Buddhist temple of its choosing... But Mossad waited till they knew "Vanunu's information" was going to be published to make a move on Vanunu. Not a minute earlier...

That is a double-cross.

Bruce E. Ivins
In regard to Bruce E. Ivins, I will let you fill in the blanks when you tally the information about the other characters above. The US government needed to blame Saddam for anything to go to war. Even on the anniversary of 9/11, president Bush was lying through his teeth by squarely blaming Saddam for 9/11 when everyone knew it was "Bin Laden" (I still have the papers with a picture of Bush in front of the collapsed buildings, claiming "We Will Prove Saddam's Guilt!"... But when doing this he also was referring to the second prong of the blame: the Anthrax affair...

I believe no-one was suppose to die from the set-up which obviously was organised with governmental blessings... But things got a bit out of hand and innocent people died thus the FBI got involved. The FBI does not like other US agencies treading on their patch and did a thorough investigation leading to... Bruce E. Ivins... On this one the ABC (American Broadcasting organisation) played a role which was at the low end of media disinformation... The public should be horrified that this broadcaster still holds a licence, but that's my midget view... But then Fox, etc... If we dismantled our trusted media outlets, We'd be getting our real news from behind the counter at secret meetings... (more of Ivins' story can be read at alone... and  dead alone and following articles)

The fourth character is hell bent on disproving global warming. 
He (there are a few of them) is paid by the oil companies and his information is CREDIBLE. But that's the strength of any double-cross system: credible lies and top-notch disinformation.

Our political systems still "believe" in god, don't they? No atheists could win the US presidency, could they? Creationism is still cooking its glorious rubbish, isn't it? 

We're suckers!!... and the double-cross "systemers" know that. Makes their life simpler when dealing with bigger lies...


ps: from the onset, in mid 2002, from various sources, I knew that the war in Iraq was been planned and the information to blame Saddam was being concocted. One source, an official European website (I believed set up by some secret service) was shut down within days. many links to such information were cancelled. The Internet only represented a tiny section of news dissemination, compared to TV, newspapers, etc. Today Internet is still in the doldrums compared to the idiot box. We knew the war was for OIL... Still is.


a little bit (LOTS) of inexperience...

"He was just a little bit rattled – [there was] just a little bit of inexperience on his part," he said.

"I don't think there's anything to worry about. I don't think the program showed him up anymore than being an ordinary, everyday Australian."

Mr Littler also said Mr Muir was unable to have an introductory meeting with Prime Minister Tony Abbott because he was "on call" for his job at a sawmill.

"Ricky's been fairly busy. Unlike most people who go into the Senate he doesn't have an unlimited bank balance, he has to work for a living, he's on call," he said.

But he conceded the senator-elect was able to get time off to travel to Boston in the United States on a trip organised by Palmer United Party leader Clive Palmer.


According to my source, the trip to Boston was designed for the PUP members to study Australian politics overthere... Nothing to do with a payola, a free holiday, a bribe or a junket... May be, all ordinary, everyday Australians should form the Pathetic Ordinary Ossie Party or POOP for short. 

breaking up...


Senator elect Ricky Muir will make his own voting decisions and will work with any political party that “shares his values” his Motoring Enthusiast party says, deliberately distancing itself from the Palmer United party within weeks of the start of the new Senate.

And Motoring Enthusiast party founder and soon-to-be adviser to Muir, Keith Littler, insists Muir has not decided how he will vote on the mining and carbon tax repeals.

Littler also says the $10bn Clean Energy Finance Corporation – which the government is seeking to abolish – “appears to be a good thing … but we need to see more detail.”

Palmer has said his senators will vote for the carbon tax repeal, providing lower power prices are passed on to households, and also for the mining tax repeal, so long as the government retaines a payment for the orphaned children of soldiers.

The government, which needs six of the eight crossbench senators to pass legislation after July 1, had assumed that meant it could bank on four votes from the Palmer United party “bloc”, including Muir, as well as the votes of Liberal Democrat David Leyonhelm and Family First Bob Day to repeal the carbon and mining taxes.

Palmer has said his three senators and Muir – with whom he signed a memorandum of understanding last year – would be “one team of people working together”, and it has been widely assumed the four senators would for the most part vote together.

But according to Littler this is not the case.

read more:

Hopefully "his" values will incorporate saving the planet from hoons... such as Abbott and his carbon mad cronies... But I am not holding my breath... As someone said once, "life is not about how many breath you take, but about the moments that take your breath away"... and he/she did not mean your last breath...


pencilled in for next week...

Clive Palmer says he and the prime minister will meet next Thursday, the day after he intends to reveal his party’s final position on the carbon and mining tax repeals and crucial budget measures.

Palmer had refused to meet Tony Abbott because the government had refused his demand for formal “party status” – which would have meant it received more staff, Parliament House office space and travel entitlements. Palmer said he needed the resources to cope with the deluge of legislation he would have to consider.

The Palmer United party (PUP), which will take up its crucial three Senate seats in July, has leased extra office space in the National Press Club, close to Parliament House.

“That’s going to be our parliamentary party office because we couldn’t get one in Parliament House, they wouldn’t give us one” Palmer told Guardian Australia.

The press club chief executive, Maurice Reilly, confirmed the PUP had rented a suite including “a boardroom and a couple of offices”.

The government has offered the PUP seven extra staff: an additional two advisers – the same number being offered to each of the crossbench senators – and an additional adviser for Palmer himself, who holds the Queensland lower house seat of Fairfax.

Palmer said his senators would meet early next week and then hold a media conference on Wednesday “to announce to the people of Australia clearly where we stand on the carbon and mining tax repeals and some of the budget legislation”.

He said Abbott had requested a meeting next week which had been pencilled in for Thursday morning.

read more:

the biggest furphy since clive went on a diet of porkies...

Clive Palmer appears set to demand legislative guarantees that the carbon tax repeal will flow through to lower household power bills, as the government presses new senators to “axe the tax” within two weeks of taking their seats to avoid enormous commercial uncertainty.

The Abbott government is counting on the Palmer United party and two other crossbench senators to provide the necessary votes to finally repeal the carbon tax soon after the new Senate sits on 7 July, but PUP now appears likely to place conditions on its support.

Palmer, whose policy was to back the repeal, says he will unveil his party’s “final position” on Wednesday. He has previously said his senators will demand “the full savings power companies receive under a repeal are handed on to everyday Australians”.




The only power bills that are "higher" due to the carbon pricing is for people earning more than a mining baron on steroid. Presently, the cost of the carbon pricing on power bill to the low income earners is offset by a rebate. As well, the true cost of "lowering" the power bill is likely to be extra consumption of coal, creating more CO2 pollution in the atmosphere... Please Mr Palmer, KEEP THE CARBON TAX. pat attention to the REALITY of GLOBAL WARMING.

I hope clive's "hope to mankind" includes womenkind...


Clive Palmer is promising an announcement on Wednesday that will offer "hope to mankind" after a crucial policy discussion with his senators-elect.

The three successful Palmer United Party (PUP) candidates and PUP leader Mr Palmer are due to meet tomorrow to finalise the party's position on key legislation, including the repeal of the carbon tax.

As the largest voting bloc on the new micro-party cross bench, the PUP will hold the balance of power when the Senate changes over next Tuesday.

Its power has been boosted by an agreement with Victoria's Motoring Enthusiast Party senator-elect Ricky Muir.

The Fairfax MP says he will reveal the outcome of the party room meeting on Wednesday evening, along with an announcement he says will be of international significance.

"Wednesday night we'll have an announcement to make on what we think is a solution for Australia and the world," Mr Palmer told the ABC.

"It's going to be a very exciting time I think."

He says it will be a "big day - massive day".

"We'll be very clear about a number of things and offering hope for mankind," he said.


I believe the only true hope Clive could give "mankind" is to hold on the Carbon Pricing and stick Tony's face in the mud... We shall see.


holy mackerels! I could be wrong about clive...

Clive Palmer will announce his party's position on repealing the carbon tax bill this afternoon, flanked by climate change campaigner and former US president Al Gore.

The Fairfax MP is due to reveal how the Palmer United Party Senators will vote on the crucial bill in Parliament's Great Hall at 5.30pm AEST.

He will be accompanied by Mr Gore, who is in Australia to train volunteers for his Climate Reality Project.

A statement from Mr Palmer's office says he will meet Mr Gore this afternoon "regarding issues on global warming and climate change".

The statement concludes: "Mr Palmer said it is apparent that climate change is a global issue and in the meeting he will discuss this with Vice President Gore".

Yesterday, Mr Palmer told the ABC the announcement would "offer hope to mankind" and "a solution for Australia and the world".


Holy mackerels, I would be so please to announce that "I was completely wrong" about Clive Palmer... I would dance in the streets if he enforced the retention of the "Carbon Pricing"...

I was not wrong... it's a clever double-cross...


Clive Palmer has announced that his party will vote in the Senate to abolish the carbon tax but will demand legislative changes in a bid to lock in falling power prices.

The Fairfax MP and leader of the Palmer United Party is also planning to propose an emissions trading scheme to tackle climate change - similar to the one proposed by the Labor Party.

Axing the carbon tax was the major campaign platform and election promise for Prime Minister Tony Abbott during last year's election.

Mr Palmer, whose party will hold three balance of power seats in the Senate from next Tuesday, was flanked by climate change campaigner and former US vice-president Al Gore when he made the announcement.

A PUP source told the ABC the party is confident his ETS proposal will be passed by the Senate, which would require support from the Labor Party.

But it will also have to pass the House of Representatives - where the Coalition has the majority - to become law.

Mr Palmer is set to also reveal that his party will demand the Renewable Energy Target and the Clean Energy Finance Corporation are also retained.


Palmer is working with Tony Abbott in a monumental double-cross. No sweat. And Al Gore got swindled...

...but will demand legislative changes in a bid to lock in falling power prices.

The Fairfax MP and leader of the Palmer United Party is also planning to propose an emissions trading scheme to tackle climate change - similar to the one proposed by the Labor Party.



Dream on sweetheart... The carbon pricing should not go unless there is an EQUIVALENT ETS in place before the repeal of the CARBON PRICING... This won't happen with Tony and Clive (I mean Bonnie and Clyde) 


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bonnie and clyde... er, tony and clive...


Federal MP Clive Palmer has met with Prime Minister Tony Abbott over the future of the carbon tax.

It was their first face-to-face talks since a falling out two years ago and since Mr Palmer's revelations that his party would support the scrapping of the carbon tax.

Mr Palmer wants to keep the Clean Energy Finance Corporation and the renewable energy target, but will also push for a new emissions trading scheme.

The Federal Government has welcomed his support for axing the carbon tax and signalled its willingness to negotiate.

Mr Palmer said it was a useful meeting.

"The PM was prepared to look at things. He has got certain policy objectives. He wants to listen to the Australian community, that was clear," Mr Palmer said.

"All of us can do better than we are doing. I think it's good that we have got that positive outcome. What is important is not having a shot at the PM or Labor-Liberal but to get a good result for the community.

"I was grateful to the PM that is the way he approached it."


If journos were doing a proper job, we would NOT be in this distracting situation.

Be aware: TONY AND CLIVE ARE WORKING TOGETHER (see story of double-cross at top). These two clowns are here stirring together to make shit smell good by various subterfuges including singing counterpoints. Wake up! This is lamentable. This is the destruction of democracy by a weasel and a bear selling you toilet paper. It's time to expose this MASSIVE CON perpetrated by Clive Palmer, a COAL MINER,  and Tony Abbott,  A SERIAL LIAR. 

With Palmer's dithering, the carbon pricing will be axed and then.... nothing else positive will happen. The Clean Energy Corporation will be dismantled and no ETS will be created... And Tony can tick this one on his destructive wish list...


the art of the square up? no... it's the art of deception...


Tony Abbott is now facing a bigger, badder, bolder version of himself who will never have to worry about being forced into the embarrassing backdowns of government, writes Darrin Barnett.

It may be unedifying, but the harsh reality of Australian politics is that much of it revolves around the dark arts of the square-up.


Let me be firm here. There is no square up. No biffo. Tony Abbott wants the abolition of the "Carbon Pricing" and Palmer is going to deliver it to him on a platter... The rest is just distractions, like different colours in a sugar candy, but the sugar is still sugar.

Tony and Clive are working together, but they don't want you to know... 

Should Clive be so worried about climate change HE WOULD vote to RETAIN THE CARBON PRICING and forgo of his investments in what could be the biggest coal mine in the world, the GALILEE BASIN... Does this sound like a man who is worried about climate change? NO! Not one bit! All the other bits like his ETS and refusal to blah blah blah is just fudge designed to distract your attention. The primal goal for Tony and Clive is to destroy the CARBON PRICING — nothing else.


now you see a coal miner, now it's a dove... next, a crow.


The impact of the arrival on the national stage of Clive Palmer and his eponymous band of first-time legislators is only now becoming clear, fully ten months on from the election.

And as the picture clarifies, we are getting the first real sense of a truly chaotic picture. ''What have we done?'' voters may well ask.

Surely the single biggest aim of the election was to sweep away the uncertainty of the Gillard/Rudd years. To expunge forever from the collective mind the horror of the hung Parliament where grandstanding independents armed with a fraction of the vote held all to ransom?

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The more I see the antics of this "untrained "PUP", the more it convinces me that it's fudge... And guess what? Tony Abbott is not worried... The Palmer cartoon show is designed to distract from the Turd's own nasty beliefs in the destruction of everything to do with climate change and social equity. I could be wrong but so far all of what I see fits the concept of a deceitful sting perfectly. See article at top...


But I would not be surprised if Tony makes the legislation to repeal the carbon tax "with some retrospectivity" in it to satisfy Palmer first demands... And that PUP becomes an obedient puppy and votes all the crap that Tony wants... 

the phony battle for your wallet.... and your brains...

If I did not know better, I would simply give up on my theory that Palmer is working the room with Tony (see double cross theory at top) but despite the article below published in The Age which would suggest that I am wrong, I still hold onto the concept: Tony and Clive are working together... But to make it less obvious, there is a bit of argy-bargy about:

Clive Palmer could not have appeared more content if a dozen hand-maidens had appeared bearing racks of pork chops, a gallon or so of caramelised banana and coconut ice-cream, the keys to a 1939 Maybach limousine and Tony Abbott's head on a plate.

He reclined mightily upon a leather chaise longue at the entrance to the Senate chamber as the formerly mighty paid obeisance, begging his mercy.

Here came Eric Abetz, leader of the government in the Senate; Mitch Fifield, manager of government business in the Senate; Simon Birmingham, parliamentary secretary to the Minister for Environment; all of them very nearly falling to their knees. A swirl of harried government advisers circled and whispered, knowing there was no escape for their masters.

Clive Palmer had no pity to dispense.

His eyes were dead to the presence of the supplicants, his ears closed to their pleading.

Repeal the carbon tax today? No chance.

He drew around him his little band of senators, instructing them on their duty. Glenn Lazarus, Jacqui Lambie, Dio Wang. And his outrider, Ricky Muir.

He cocked an ear towards Ben Oquist, once a power within the Australian Greens and now a strategy director at the Australia Institute think tank and, seated at Clive's left hand, an unlikely but well-informed well of advice on how to drive the Senate mad.

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I may be mistaken and I hope I am, but having seen blue murder since the 1940s and being well aware on how disinformation is used — and propagated —, I am still 99.9 per cent convinced that I am right...

now, who is double-crossing who...?...


The leader of the Palmer United Party began the day by unexpectedly announcing that his three Senators would not vote to repeal the tax today because the party had been "double-crossed" by the Coalition.

The switch was unexpected and came just hours after Prime Minister Tony Abbott had heralded that "today should be the day when the carbon tax is finally scrapped".

But it was not to be.

At the eleventh hour, the Government's hopes fell foul of a Palmer United Party decision to withdraw support because its leader Clive Palmer claimed it had been "double-crossed" by the Coalition.

The Senate voted 37 votes to 35 against repeal, with the three PUP senators and Motoring Enthusiast Ricky Muir voting with Labor and the Greens against the repeal.

The Abbott Government is pressing ahead with its repeal bid by bringing it back to Parliament on Monday.

Two weeks ago, Mr Palmer announced with great fanfare - and flanked by former US vice president Al Gore - that he would back the repeal bills if key conditions were met.


Looking at the whole picture here, things could appear to drag on for years... But they might not. In a moment of grand theatrics, Palmer might decide to "give up" and go "with it" after having tried not to go with it without guaranties... One of the things that slowly transpire from all this soap opera here appears to me that Tony and Clive made a deal about two years ago... My guess is that Tony told Clive he would make the repeal retrospective...

And both of them are still working on how to "make it work" without appearing to be colluding. One has to remember that Palmer is an investor in one of the largest coal mine in the world and other environmental UNFRIENDLY ventures... Think about it. See toon and article at top... I could be wrong, but I was the first person in this country to mention the concept of "double-cross" in this saga... Think about it.


Clive Palmer has been LNP uplisted... rightly.


Clive Palmer has been listed as a Liberal National party life member by the party’s annual report, in what has been described as an unfortunate oversight at the Queensland party’s conference.

The report, distributed during the conference in Brisbane, refers to Palmer as an LNP life member despite him forming the Palmer United party and being involved in several public spats with his former party.

Palmer has filed defamation lawsuits against Campbell Newman, the Queensland premier, and Jeff Seeney, Newman’s deputy. Newman has accused Palmer of trying to bully the state government into approving his mining developments, and Palmer has called the premier a “Nazi”.

An LNP spokesman told AAP that the list of life members was out of date and was “inadvertently” included in this year’s annual report. Palmer told Fairfax his inclusion as a life member was “just wishful thinking” on the LNP’s part.

Newman addressed the LNP conference on Sunday morning, mounting a defence of the policies instituted since the party crushed Labor in Queensland in 2012.

Newman said the LNP had cut dental waiting times, boosted economic growth through its support of the resources industry and cracked down on dangerous criminals. The only alternative was the “chaos” offered by Labor, he said.

But he acknowledged that “reform is difficult” and that some people have been upset about the changes the party has made.


Upset? The people are FURIOUS! From barristers to cleaners and doctors, people are very annoyed at the way Newman has driven a wheelbarrow full of bricks disguised as laws... Furious!

And as far as Clive listed as a LNP life member, make no mistake: HE IS. In order to win the senate numbers for the repeal of the carbon tax, Abbott needed to cleverly split the conservative senate votes in order to get more seats. See article at top... The present clowning is only for Palmer to give the impression of being his "own man", which he is, but working in tandem with Tony Abbott, without appearing to do so... 


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the dice have already been loaded a long time ago...


The Abbott government believes it has finally secured the agreement of the Palmer United party to pass the carbon tax repeal – indicating it won’t succumb to any more dramatic last-minute changes and will call Palmer’s bluff to bring on a vote.

The environment minister, Greg Hunt, said on Sunday that he was “sending a very, very, very clear message” to any crossbenchers who voted against repeal that they would have to “explain themselves” to the Australian people, saying he was “firming up [his] approach from diplomacy to send a very clear message”.

After days of negotiation the government believes the PUP has agreed to changes to its own amendment that derailed the repeal vote on Thursday. The repeal bills will be brought back to the parliament on Monday.

Abbott and Palmer will play this farce till the end... They will keep everyone guessing but the dice have already been loaded a long time ago to fall Tony's way... Both of these clowns, of course cannot divulge that they used the senate voting proportional system in a mega double-cross that could get them in hot water should they be found out... This is the creme de la cream double-cross in modern politics... Congratulations, you fooled everyone but not me.... See article at top.
And this "double dare" by Greg Hunt is part of the con... well done. It is possible that Greg Hunt is not part of the double-cross, but he has been instructed by his party to go to Palmer's jugular, as if...


quietly shelved or preserving shelf space...?


The Abbott Government appears to have quietly shelved plans to reform the way the Senate is elected.

The failure last week to get its carbon tax repealed by the new crossbench shows the volatility of the new Senators, and the ABC understands the Government has lost its appetite to push ahead with reforms.

Independent Senator Nick Xenophon has told AM he does not believe either party is now willing to make changes.

"There won't be Senate reform. I've been told quietly that the Government and probably the Opposition as well won't do anything to upset the minor and micro parties and that's the way it is," he said.

Senator Xenophon was first elected to the Upper House in 2007 and again last year on a full quota, without the need for preferences.

"I introduced a bill for Senate reform based on the New South Wales system, optional preferential voting ... it gets rid of preference gaming," he said.


Read story at top and about shelf space at: a well designed devious sting...


Slowly but surely, Palmer is swinging from tree to tree like a clever monkey — well he stays on the ground but make us look up at the tricks — and with great skills over the following two years, manages to assemble what Tony wants: a dorky switch in the senate. The Labor party of course sees nothing because it has the glorious ability of shooting itself in the foot, using its own internal wars to destroy its own senate candidates.


So if you follow how this "plague of minor parties" for the senate was set up, you will understand how advertisers and manufacturers of goods work hand in hand. I have already explained this on this site, on how a major infiltration of market is done. Should you want to sell more products, YOU NEED TO DIVERSIFY and compete against yourself. 

Competition has long been the "temple" of business. But say you are selling bubble-soap. Your bubble-soap has been selling well since 1924. But for the last two years, your competitors are TAKING SOME OF YOUR TRADITIONAL SHELF-SPACE in supermarkets. Your product is also under attack through strong advertising of your competitors. You have to either discount, tell your customers that your product is "superior" and fight on price, which your competitors can also react to or you can do something nifty like selling your product UNDER DIFFERENT BRANDS.


In politics you can hammer the competition with foul.

On the market place it's not allowed to badmouth your competitors products, though some clever advertising like the present one with the bear and some toilet paper are "compared" for price, not for quality as "you know" it's only to wipe your bum... And it's likely that BOTH products are made by the same "factory" for different retailers...


In retail, another way to push products is to sell "A NEW LINE" of YOUR bubble soap — with NEW IMPROVED plastered on it. You tweaked the formula of your "old" bubble-soap by adding "blue flakes" in the product (some of these blue flakes are nothing more than "hydrated soap-flakes" but hey!). And you make the new line compete against your own "traditional" formula. You give the supermarkets a special discount to promote your new line and you regain most of your self-space... But competition is fierce and the process is continued with a plethora of flavours, colours and ring-a-dings that only marketeers can think of to make you consume more stuff. 

Controlling the senate was like controlling shelf-space in a supermarket... The rabid raging right wing-nuts had to "diversify" in order to wring it. But when you diversify, the best way is to "look different" and sometimes appear totally opposed to what your mother goose is doing.

who's who?...

I would not be surprised if the link between the Palmer United Party (PUP) and Tony Abbott was in the discreet hands of someone called Glenn Drurey, who was instrumental in getting Ricky Muir elected.


Druery's job is done... Druery has presented himself as a candidate for Liberals for Forests and also as a Liberal Democrats... If you don't understand what this could mean, I will explain. I would suggest that the Liberals for Forests was not so much an "environmental group" but a party designed to hem-in the Liberal voters that would be disaffected by Liberal (Neo-fascist CONservatives) horrible environmental policies... Thus the Liberals (Neo-fascist CONservatives) would still retain the disaffected voters. The second premise of my suspicions is that the Liberal Democrats hold a VERY SIMILAR wish list than that of the IPA, the rabid ultra-right-wing think tank that supports the Neo-fascist CONservatives (the Liberals)...

Today, Glenn Druery got the boot from the Muir camp...


Read my views on the double-cross from top...

a double-cross double-flippo from two-faced clive palmer...

Anyone reading the news today would believe that Abbott has caved-in on his climate change views. Total bollocks... It's yet another trick from Clive Palmer to make us swallow the stupid "direct action" from our turd in chief Abbott. Remember Clive told us categorically that the "direct action was dead in the water". He was bullshitting of course.

Now if you carefully study this "compromise" — the "deal" with Clive two-faced Palmer means NOTHING more than a pseudo-study of "emission trading schemes around the world" that will drag us through unclear lalaland till the next election, when more shit sandwich promises will be made by our turd in chief Abbott... 

Trust Old Gus: Clive Palmer and Tony Abbott work together like a cat and a dog that destroy your lounge-room furniture and make you believe that the goldfish did it. 

This stupid deal was obvious from the start in the scheme of a "double-cross"... The sad thing is that the MMMM (mediocre mass media de mierda) is in on the con trick as well, or can't see beyond the backflip of the turd, which is no more than a hypocritical snub and a bit of cash (that will cost nothing to the turd) to pay for a pie in the sky study to keep us amused till the next election... 

It's rubbish double-cross alla Palmer-Abbott... Read carefully: the possibility blah blah blah...



Tony Abbott has left open the possibility of a return to emissions trading in a trade-off for the Palmer United Party's support for his controversial Direct Action climate policy.

A deal was struck late on Wednesday afternoon after protracted negotiations and represents a major symbolic concession by the Prime Minister, who once swore a blood oath to repeal the carbon tax and never again have a price on carbon.

Under the agreement, the government has backflipped on a promise to abolish the Climate Change Authority and will instead fund the body to undertake an 18 month inquiry into the effectiveness of emissions trading programs around the world.

Read more:

It's all BULLSHIT... See story and toon at top


palmer is a turdy tony stooge...

Even by the outsized standards of Clive Palmer, it was a breathtaking display of chutzpah.

After endorsing the government's Direct Action climate change policy, which he had previously debunked as a "waste of money" and "token gesture", the mining magnate luxuriated in self-praise.

Palmer United Party had achieved great things for the environment, he reasoned. He was, indeed, the saviour of the emissions trading scheme, the economy-wide system of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by putting a price on carbon that many experts believe is integral to averting climate change.

This, despite the fact that Minister for Environment Greg Hunt, standing next to Mr Palmer in a press conference, went out of his way to make it "crystal clear" the Coalition would never back the scheme.

After the theatrics of his surprise conversion to climate change activism at a press conference with former US vice-president Al Gore, it was a spectacular, if inglorious and bizarre ending to a saga that looked for some time like it would cruel the central plank of the government's climate change policy.

With the backing of Mr Palmer's senators and crossbenchers Nick Xenophon and John Madigan, the policy passed the Senate after a marathon sitting that went into Friday morning.

Read more:

The bigger the Palmer, the bigger the bullshit...

don't vote for palmer. he lies, double-flibs and fudges.

Clive Palmer has launched his party's election campaign for Victoria, saying he is aiming to seize the balance of power in the Upper House.

The leader of the Palmer United Party (PUP) will field candidates in all eight electorates in the Victorian Legislative Council, but the Queensland MP will not reveal who they are until Sunday.

Mr Palmer also spruiked his Victorian credentials, telling the press conference that he was born in Footscray, in Melbourne's west, and lived in Williamstown until he was 10.

He remains a keen Western Bulldogs fan.

Mr Palmer said he aimed to address the "morally repugnant" state of politics and "get some normal people elected".

"It's not about doing deals and having a political career," he said.

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Palmer is the most dishonest politician in Australian politics, especially when he makes deals with Tony Turdy after saying he would not — and this is saying something when we have to consider that Turdy Tony is the biggest liar as well. But Palmer and Tony work together to garner votes away from real honest people... Vote away from Palmer and the Libs (CONservatives), please... They have lied and will lie to you some more.

See articles and image from top.

a "catholic" dinosaur...


He’s a relentless builder of empires, however flimsy, whose life appears to have been genuinely influenced by the countercultural currents of the 1960s. He’s a man who speaks of a love revolution, then sues everybody. He contains multitudes, which explains the amplitude and the waddle. These conflicting tendencies are held together with a tad less calm integration than he would wish for, of which more in a bit, but for the moment it is worth considering that the politics of Clive Palmer, whatever personal vendettas and agendas may be being exercised through them, are exactly what they claim to be: a mildly centre-right politics, grounded in Australian Catholic traditions and social movement doctrine, and tracing their lineage back to the party whose name he wanted to adopt, the United Australia Party.

In this respect, Palmer’s objective politics tap into his personal history – his father’s friendship with, and role as informal advisor to, Catholic centrist politician Joe Lyons, and his mother’s commitment to, and communication of, a serious Catholicism, with its notion of service in the world. Palmer’s first way of bearing witness to that commitment was in a relatively fraught and ostentatious form, as part of the aggressive Right to Life campaigns of the early 1970s, a movement he now leaves off his CV. It’s an embarrassing item, to be sure, but perhaps he is also genuinely ashamed of Right to Life’s merciless and persecutory style; he has continued to play up his involvement in Pregnancy Now, and his departure when it began to drift into a pure anti-abortion mode.


The Australian government is run by former Jesuit students who have retained the concept of flagellation, punishment, sin and anti-women. Not that the Jesuits themselves were anti-women. But the students from Tony Abbott to Joe Hockey and Kevin Andrews all became more or less sadists. That is to say if one does not suffer in life, you are not worth your faith and they are the geezers to make sure you suffer... That Palmer be promoted as a Catholic by Guy Rundle shows how much the dichotomy of being businessmen, Liberal (CONservative) and churchmen at the same time... Ugly, they geezers should never enter politics with their prejudices and favours for mates...


a palmer in the ointment...


Without a vote being cast, the future shape of Victoria’s legislative council has gone a long way to being decided following Sunday’s deadline for lodgement of group voting tickets.

As in the federal Senate, these tickets allow the parties to determine preferences for the overwhelming majority of voters who choose the easy option of numbering a single box above the line.

Not so long ago, this was an arcane aspect of the Australian electoral process noted only by those with a professional interest in the matter.

That began to change when Labor’s Victorian preference strategy at the 2004 federal election short-circuited, putting Steve Fielding of Family First into the Senate at the expense of the Greens.

Then came last year’s Senate election, when the efforts of preference manipulators caused a bewildered public to be presented with tablecloth-sized ballot papers, followed by a series of incomprehensible results.

With much the same system in place for Victoria’s state upper house, a lot of the energy of the campaign over the past week has been spent on jockeying for preference deals.

For the Coalition, which emerged from the 2010 election with an upper house majority of 21 seats out of 40, this has been a fairly straightforward matter. The gambit of putting the Greens in last place decisively energised their campaign last time, and it comes as no surprise that they have opted to do so again.

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Palmer is in the political race to salvage as much as possible of the right wing-nutter votes on behalf of the Liberal (CONservative ) Party. Despite a few "differences" and some atrocious "joviality" away from Abbott's ugly regime, Palmer is a hard-core CONSERVATIVE. Beware. Read from top.


the palmer of their LNP hands...

Palmer United Party defector Glenn Lazarus says Clive Palmer proposed folding his remaining two senators into the Liberal Party at a pre-lunch meeting on February 6 in exchange for ministerial positions for the pair, in a bizarre deal Mr Palmer is claimed to have hatched with senior Abbott government figures.

The extraordinary allegation, which, if proved, could amount to a claim of unlawfully seeking to influence an MP's vote, is evidence of the toxic relationship between the former PUP colleagues who parted ways a month later amid bitter acrimony over the sacking of Mr Lazarus's wife Tess. 

The alleged proposal – which would constitute the most sensational attempt at parliamentary consolidation since Julia Gillard coaxed Peter Slipper from the Coalition in exchange for the Speakership – was rejected on the spot, Mr Lazarus said, and it was never discussed again. 


After the offer was made at his Sovereign Islands mansion, Mr Palmer drove Glenn and Tess Lazarus to lunch at the Mermaid Beach SLSC in his Rolls Royce, Senator Lazarus said. On arrival, he learned it was promotion involving people who'd won a lunch with Mr Palmer: "They'd named a dish after him, and people were bouncing around happily while I sat there eating my 'Clive Parmigiana' and thinking, 'My God, I've just been told the party leader wants us to join the Coalition!'"      

The now independent senator claims Mr Palmer urged him and fellow PUP senator Dio Wang (WA) to join the Liberal Party and vote with the Coalition in the Senate, giving the government another two guaranteed votes. Two extra senators would not deliver the government a working majority in the Senate, but would improve its chances of success on a bill-by-bill basis.

He told Fairfax Media that the proposed deal – in which it was even suggested he would be elevated to the outer ministry in the sports portfolio – was one of the main reasons he resigned from Mr Palmer's party on March 12.

"I was bewildered and shocked by the whole idea," said the rugby league legend, 49. "But Clive said it would be a great thing. He said he wouldn't be around in politics a lot longer, and he wanted to look after Dio and I."


Some people laughed at me for my theory as explained at top with mischief by Gus... Who's the wise guy? Gus, I would say, would it not?

no fool...


The latest example of how we are all being played for fools is the fact that his Palmer United Party sucked $21m in political donations from his 100% owned Queensland Yabulu nickel refinery before going into administration. The federal government has offered $500,000 to help 237 workers have been sacked but if the company cannot trade out of its problems and goes into liquidation then the rest of the workforce would almost certainly be able to access the federal government’s fair entitlements guarantee program and cost the government millions more. Oh, and he didn’t have to provide a bond for rehabilitating the polluted tailing dams and that could cost the Queensland government many more millions. This equation really doesn’t work out so well for us taxpayers.

Which shouldn’t be surprisingly really since the whole Palmer juggernaut has always been about Clive.

read more:



Good one, Lenore... I must say here that Clive has not played us on this site for fools... His primary role in the Australian political saga was to get rid of the "carbon tax". This had been his assigned role from the start by creepy devious Abbott. Once this had been achieved, the PUP or the Palmer disUnited Party could do whatever. The PUP members were taken for fools... And they saw that.

See toon at top, note the date and read article below it...


See also:


and :

his work is done...


Clive Palmer's political career appears to be over as he ruled out a bid for the Senate on Monday.

In a statement, the outgoing Fairfax MP and Palmer United Party leader said he had not sought the party's endorsement to stand for the Senate. Mr Palmer ruled out standing again in his lower house seat earlier this month, as polling showed him on track to lose.

"There are some excellent people who have nominated to be endorsed to stand for the Palmer United Party in the Senate in Queensland and I am confident the party will continue to play a significant role in Australian political life," Mr Palmer said in a statement.

"Regardless of the party Australians vote for in the House of Representatives at the election, they should vote for Palmer United in the Senate so the Liberals or Labor won't reintroduce the 2014 budget.


Read more: 
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Now, you out there, add two and two. Palmer spent a lot of cash and sent one of his business broke for one reason only: HELPING TONY ABBOTT GET RID OF THE CARBON TAX. It's a sacrifice Palmer was prepared to make (you lost your job, he still has oodles of shifted cash in the bank) in support of the establishment of CONservative ideals. But Clive will play the game till the end as if anyone still cared about the jovial bonhomie of a fat bloke making a sane decision about "his" future. Palmer is still there as a buffoon distracting us from the main game which is to understand the major threat of global warming and do something positive about it. On a day like today in Sydney, when the temperatures have been well over 3 degrees Celsius for the month of May so far (today, it's nearly above 5 degrees C), the CONservative CONmen led by Turnbull still hold onto the Abbott fake emission reduction called "direct action" which was implemented after the defeat of the Carbon Pricing — with the help of... you've guessed it, CLIVE PALMER. Direct action is the simple Abbott's way to siphon cash into the paws of the Liberal (CONservative) industrial mates under the cover of recompensing the CO2 polluters for "polluting less" in a smoke-and-mirror accounting trick. It's bullshit.

Palmer, good bye, Clive, good bye, bye... Your big fat arse, you. Your double-cross job is done, though you still have one clod in the senate. Bye... Read from top.

the adventures of mr palmer in politics...


Palmer claims he "was the biggest donor" to the Liberals coffers. For Liberals read Australian ultra-right-wing CONservatives.

Palmer creates his own political party (PUP) to true "liberal" (more CONservative than the CONservatives) values and rubbishes Tony Abbott.

Claims that Tony Abbott Direct Action is "dead in the water".

Claims Labor Carbon Tax should be removed and replaced by nothing, but he won't vote (over his dead body) for its removal until industries are paid back the tax retrospectively by government. NOTE: his Queensland nickel refinery refused to pay more than $6 million in carbon tax, meaning it was making cash. Palmer used some this cash to fund his various activities, including political campaign.

Palmer finds senators for PUP while get a seats in the House of Representatives. 

Entertains "his" senators to lavish "study tours" in the USA.

Distract the punters and the press with buffoonery, including a big con-trick of greenery love-fudge with Al Gore.

He "eventually" allows his senators to vote for the removal of the carbon tax and the introduction of "direct action" (over his dead body?).

"His" senators, except one, abandon him for various reasons. They are now "independents".

After more buffoonery, including the liquidation of the now broke nickel refinery in Townsville, Palmer still rubbishes Tony Abbott, bringing to light some earlier "nasty" meeting they had together. 

Completed double cross

Palmer was working with Tony Abbott like Laurel "worked" with Hardy, always fighting but being in thick together in shenanigans. PUP was designed to give more power to the Liberals (CONservatives) in the SENATE. The only way this could be done was to create a new right-wing party (PUP — don't laugh, the guy has a sense of humour) which would take away seats FROM senators on the left, independent and Green parties, through the complex calculation of the senate seat allocations. This was discreetly designed to give the right wing CONTROL of the senate on key issues such as CONservative global warming inaction and fudge. 

THIS WAS THE only AIM OF PALMER and ABBOTT. Get rid of the carbon tax. WITHOUT PALMER the carbon tax (carbon pricing) would still be operative in Australia. The rest of the show was distraction only designed to make sure NO-ONE joined the dot of the ABBOTT/PALMER double-cross con-trick. Removing the carbon tax, meant that the liberal voters, donors and most industrialists would not have to pay for polluting the atmosphere with more CO2. The Direct Action policy meant that most CO2 emitters would actually get cash for "polluting less" which after some nifty accounts would mean that they would get cash for DOING NOTHING to reduce emissions.  In fact the Direct Action is a sneaky way for the right-wing government to pay back the tax retrospectively to polluters (all mates of the CONservatives) — by tenfold.

Here we are talking massive amount of cash in the BILLIONS being siphoned off by the CONservatives, while no reductions are achieved. About 98 per cent of Liberals (CONservatives) in Australia don't subscribe to the reality of global warming sciences and the decimation of the CSIRO is proof of this. WE HAVE BEEN NICELY RIPPED OFF by PUP and on top of this, governments have to fork out redundancy packages (cash from taxpayers) to the retrenched workers of Palmer's "broke" nickel refinery.

Palmer's spray on the Liberal Party is a neat way to cover the tract of the Abbott/Palmer deception. Palmer's rants are now seen as no more than that of the buffoon he always played (a buffoon with a lot of bite mind you) — but no-one is really taking notice of what he's saying anyway, so no real damage done to his partners in crime. 

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the saga continues...


Clive Palmer has filed a claim in the Supreme Court seeking more than $1 billion in damages from FTI Consulting, the former administrator of his Queensland Nickel business.

Mr Palmer indicated last month he would take legal action over the way FTI Consulting handled the failing Townsville refinery.

FTI was appointed to run the refinery in January, but Mr Palmer sacked the firm several weeks later.

It has previously indicated it would fight any legal action.

Mr Palmer said he held FTI Consulting responsible for the refinery's closure and the sacking of about 800 workers.

Queensland Nickel, the refinery's former operator, is currently in liquidation and owes creditors more than $300 million.

Mr Palmer said yesterday he was taking steps to reopen the refinery.

The current refinery operator, Queensland Nickel Sales, has begun an expressions of interest process and is working on a schedule for the facility's reopening.

Director Martin Brewster said the company was hoping to rehire some of the workers sacked earlier this year.

"We're after all sorts of people to come and work here," Mr Brewster said.

"Hopefully we'll get some of the previous workforce back again. We need that experience to assist us with the process of getting the refinery back online.

"It's certainly a good use to get that employment back here in Townsville."

Mr Brewster said they expected to hire around 500 workers, should the refinery re-open.



See how it's done? Siphon cash out of the company, run it into debt, get and administrator, blame the administrator for the way the shut-down is performed, sue the administrator for a billion, get the cash, pay the debt and up and running again like a bird...

Clive and Donald are of the same mould... and unfortunately, the mould is not broken in capitalist circles.... And Donald Trump did the same shit FOUR times... FIVE, if you count the way he has swindled the Republican Party into him being nominated for the presidency...


political puppies no more...

Clive Palmer has said he will disband the Palmer United Party (PUP) and cancel its registration as a federal political party with the Australian Electoral Commission.

The party slid into political obscurity when it lost its last remaining member in Federal Parliament after Dio Wang failed to retain his Senate spot during the 2016 double dissolution election.

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Clive's job was to get rid of the "carbon tax" for Abbott. It may not have appeared this way, but ultimately this was the ONLY purpose of the PUP... see this site for all the info starting from the top...

tony abbott was, is and will be an imbecile...

t was a rare moment of triumph for a Prime Minister frustrated in his dealings with a difficult Senate.

Just on three years ago, a jubilant Tony Abbott — having just secured agreement to vanquish the carbon tax, the handbrake on the Australian economy — appeared on national television.

Australian households would be $550 a year better off with the removal of the "toxic" carbon tax, he declared. Gas prices would fall 7 per cent.

Electricity prices would drop 9 per cent. Everyone would be a winner, he told 7.30's Leigh Sales.

"Because the price of power is a component of just about every price in the economy. When the price of power falls, other prices should go down as well," he said.

Yep, it should. Except when it doesn't.

Ever since the carbon tax was removed, power prices have only headed one way; upwards. This, at a time when oil prices have halved and coal slumped.

And then last week, Australians were greeted with alarming headlines like this in The Australian: POWER PRICE HIKE SHOCK SPREADS.


After doubling over the past five years, electricity prices will rise another 20 per cent this year.

Gas, now a key component in the electricity debacle, has become a controversy in its own right with domestic shortages and prices trebling in recent years.

How did it all go so horribly wrong? The short answer is that removing the carbon price and the winding back of the Renewable Energy Target was a disaster.

Rather than reducing energy costs, it instead brought our electricity generation industry closer to crisis point.

It was the final straw for an industry exasperated by more than a decade of political infighting and policy backflips.

As expected, investment in renewable energy plummeted. What wasn't expected was that the power industry began to make good on its plans to mothball its antiquated coal-fired generators.

The result? A supply shortage. For anyone with even a vague understanding of microeconomics that means just one thing; price hikes.

The Hazelwood power station closure in March — which is expected to cause blackouts across the eastern states this summer — may have brought the looming crisis to a head.

What's less understood is that within the next two decades, 68 per cent of our coal-fired generators will be more than half a century old and ready to be retired. There are no plans to replace any of them, at least not with coal.

If the situation is dire now, it will only get worse. No bank is willing to finance a new coal fired power station and no amount of argument in the Parliament will alter that.

Finkel's key findings

A little over a week ago, chief scientist Alan Finkel delivered his report into how to solve the 15 year impasse into how we should meet our emission reduction targets with minimal disruption to our power supply.

His key finding was that we should have a Clean Energy Target to reduce carbon emissions. That was expected. What wasn't anticipated was that his report also rammed home the point that whatever action we take to reduce emissions, we must ensure that we maintain a reliable network.

Critically, he recommended that new renewable energy projects must have an inbuilt back up system.

In addition to the solar or wind farm, new projects must include energy storage through either battery or hydro or some other means of back-up such as gas.

That increases the cost of renewables and ensures coal and fossil fuels will continue to play a role in electricity generation for at least the next decade and probably longer.

In fact, under Finkel's recommendations, coal will continue to supply around 53 per cent of our electricity generation in 2030, only marginally lower than the 57 per cent if we did nothing. Right now, coal accounts for 76 per cent of our electricity generation.

Canberra's climate war redux

Business leaders last week pleaded for bipartisan political support for report's findings.

About $900 billion in new investment is required for the National Electricity Market during the next 30 years and, without it, our economy will be crippled.

But like the re-run of a bad movie, the partisan breakdown over energy policy again erupted, not between the major parties, but within the ranks of the Federal Government.

It's pretty clear few of the dissenting voices have actually read Alan Finkel's report and instead continue to wage a war that, at its heart, is a dismissal of science and scientific research.

Not even the rapid rollout of announcements from the likes of AGL, Energy Australia and Origin — that three quarters of the nation's households and businesses would face power price hikes of to 20 per cent or more this year — appeared to sway them.

Coal should have a future, they argued.

They may be stunned to realise it, but Alan Finkel agrees. According to his report, adopting the Clean Energy Target will see coal supplying 17 per cent of our electricity in 2050.

If his Clean Energy Target is not adopted and we do nothing, coal will supply 16 per cent, slightly less, through a lack of investment and planning.

Ironically, an Emissions Intensity Scheme — torpedoed by furious government backbenchers even before Finkel got under way — would the kindest scheme for coal, according to the report, supplying 22 per cent of our electricity in 2050.

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Please note that Tony Abbott could not have made his disastrous muck up of energy in Australia without the "help" of Clive Palmer who was in on the stint from the beginning. Lke in all good double cross, Palmer was "against Tony Abbott", until we know the rest. The Clive Palmer switcheroo was on the card from day one, but he had to give the impression he was "a reluctant greenie" until then. With nearly $15 million owing to the carbon pricing from his enterprises, one would have to be nuts to trust Palmer on this affair. We here did not... Read from top.