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rewriting history to suit the loonies gone woke...

Philippe Mesnard analyses for RT France the "new university's attacks" targeting the West: it is no longer enough for the "new university" to repent, it has to go so far as to destroy the past by no longer teaching it… 

The "Recentists" claim that the early Middle Ages did not exist. The Catholic Church, by reforming the calendar in the sixteenth century, and the Jesuits thereafter, outrightly invented several centuries of history, literally making the Greeks, Romans and Egypt emerge from nothing, with the obvious aim of enslaving the populations. "Fortunately" [for the Recentists], scientists from Germany, Russia and France denounced the deception in the 20th century: Julius Caesar never existed!

This is absurd, of course. REAL scientists, German, Russian or French, have denounced this phantasmagoria. But then, how to deal with the claims of recognised official academics, now in office, who reject the study of Antiquity on the grounds— difficult to prove scientifically — that white supremacism and fascism have emerged fully armed? Do we really believe that no longer teaching about the origins of Rome or the Athenian civilization will wipe out, within a generation, all the political evils that the Woke tell us we suffer from — even if we're feeling no pain? 

The American Classicists 
Yet, as Raphael Doan recalls in a FigaroVox column, Stanford professor of Roman history Dan-el Padilla Peralta* said that "the production of whiteness lies in the very guts of the classics." And he concluded with an admirable sacrificial impetus, donating his person and his (meagre) works to humanity: "I hope that this matter will die, and as soon as possible." Let's not discuss the concept of whiteness, as scientific as the phallocratocarnism of Priscille Touraille. Donna Zuckerberg, classicist and founder of the Eidolon site, considers her discipline "to have been historically involved in fascism and colonialism, and continues to be linked to white supremacy and misogyny.” And therefore this deserves to be eradicated — once Donna is assured of receiving her retirement** —, while waiting for the elimination of biology, mobilised by the totalitarianisms of the twentieth century, ethnology, all invented in the earliest times by the colonialists, the linguistic, because of the missionaries, etc. Unless we develop “non-white approaches” to classical disciplines, that is to say we teach everywhere that everything that has been taught was a lie and that there is an alternative history, a science non-white, radically different, hitherto ignored by pure oppression, therefore worthy of being imposed by force and above all not corresponding to stubborn (and therefore fascist) facts which would tend to demonstrate that Muslims had not invented the microscope [Zacharias Janssen did] nor the Peul languages, nor aviation. 

History and Democracy 

Let History be a perpetual questioning, of course. May it be good to constantly revise our convictions on the goodness of Robespierre, the generosity of Lenin, the tenderness of Napoleon and the intelligence of Woodrow or Wilson (or even that of Biden, for those who want to start on time the "needed" critical review), of course. But to propose, like these professors, to purely and simply bypass the founding centuries of the West, a West which itself, for better or for worse, shaped the world in which we all live, including Africans, Indians and Chinese, is this not depriving ourselves of our roots — and even, since it is a question of being critical, of our ability to correct our mistakes? To take just one example, if we do not teach that Athenian democracy is based on the exclusion of almost all of the labor forces (slaves, much more numerous than free men), how can we we see in the right perspective the current "democratures", which have transformed the word "populist" into an insult and impose political views that the people refuse?

 Let’s go back to the brilliant academics who decided that the West needed to atone for its sins. It is not enough for it to repent, he must also forget. Just as in 1984 the Newspeak suppressed words to prevent one from being able to formulate and therefore think what was forbidden, so cancel culture wants to suppress the accursed centuries to prevent their memory from preventing the advent of a radiant future : remove the cause, you will remove all the effects! One would think these time-travellers are mad about science fiction novels and want to correct the course of past history. They are, moreover, already at work, and when they do not teach absurdities, they nonetheless mutilate the heritage: the Dutch have just released a new version of Dante's Inferno in which Mahomet's name has been suppressed as not to not shock young Muslims... 

Since "all evil comes exclusively from the West", cut it off definitively from its roots and it will find food in another soil, devoid of any pollution; or he will die. This is undoubtedly the desired goal. 

Philippe Mesnard

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Translation by Jules Letambour (note of the translator: "I have added quote marks to emphasise the satirical nature of the article above").



* My “Why” for “Why Classics?” has often taken the form of justifying to friends and family why I, a Dominican-American immigrant raised in Harlem, study and want to keep on studying “dead white guys.” Yes, I say, there are plenty of dead white guys involved, but there’s much more going on. In the narrowest sense, the discipline consists of ancient Greek and Roman history, culture, and literature; but the moment you zoom in on these topics you begin to notice how blurry and unstable they are. The discipline exists to question those topics, and in the process of doing so to repeatedly question itself. What I have loved most about the study of Classics is how, first, you are exposed to an idea of the ancient Greek and Roman world, as refracted through languages, texts, material culture—and then the rug is pulled out from under you and you realise that this idea you drank in with your lyric poetry readings, your history textbooks, your chronologies of ancient ceramics is the subject of vigorous contestation. The realisation can be disorienting. It can also be exhilarating.

Dan-el Padilla Peralta
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**Today marks the end of the publication of new content on Eidolon. I hope that its closure doesn’t diminish what we accomplished in the past five years, and that we’ve proved that there’s a need for an explicitly progressive, public-facing publication in the field of Classics. We were able to make a mark on the field not in spite of our politics, but because of them.
Eidolon was not, at its inception, a “feminist” publication. It was founded as a “modern way to write about the ancient world,” and a venue for public-facing, broadly accessible essays that had “a strong authorial voice and a unique point of view.” This is not to say that feminism was not always a part of its project — because it was, from the very beginning. I was Eidolon’s founder and Editor-in-Chief, and I was a feminist, and the article I wrote as part of the launch in April 2015 was about the challenges of reading Euripides as a feminist. But a publication run by feminists, even vocal feminists, is not the same as an explicitly feminist publication.

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Lost in classic antiquity... Sad.


historia enim non efficiunt victimas ...


The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves.




Outside Broadcasting House in London, the BBC has erected a statue to one of its former employees, George Orwell. The author leans forward, hand on hip, as if to make a telling point. Carved into the wall beside him is a quote from the preface of Animal Farm: “If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.”

It’s a snappy slogan that fits neatly into a tweet, but whenever I walk past this effigy of the English writer that I most admire, it makes me cringe. Surely the author of Nineteen Eighty-Four would understand that people don’t want to hear that 2+2=5?


For Orwell’s quote is not a defence of liberty; it’s a demand for licence, and has become a foundational slogan for those who wilfully misconstrue one for the other.

Over the past decade, the right to make inflammatory statements has become a hot button issue for the reactionary right, who have constructed tropes such as political correctness and virtue signalling to enable them to police the limits of social change while portraying themselves as victims of an organised assault on liberty itself.


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cancelling comedy...

Once again, comedian Tom Ballard has proved himself too hot for the ABC to handle. 

Ballard featured at the opening night gala of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival (MICF) with a blistering set aimed at one of his favourite targets: the Liberal Party and its voters.

In an approach that will surprise nobody, he turned his diatribe up to 11.

“I’m not saying Liberal voters are bad people. I’m saying they’re not people. They’re cold-blooded lizards ruining the country who should go back to the hellmouth from where they came,” he said.

Ballard also referenced COVID, which “killed a lot of people in nursing homes - but I checked and they were all Liberal voters”. Not sure if MICF board member John Ridley, a former Victorian director of the Liberal Party and adviser to Andrew Peacock, saw the funny side.

Ballard climaxed with: “I hope you die, I hope you choke on your own franking credits, you evil greedy fascist soulless pig dogs”.

All of which presented a huge headache for the ABC, which this Wednesday will broadcast the opening night gala with a second episode the following week. But after some agony and consultation of its voluminous editorial standards, Aunty has cancelled Ballard.

“The ABC checks all content prior to broadcast to ensure it meets editorial standards. In this case, it was determined that the risk of causing offence to viewers was not editorially justified,” a spokesman said.

What a pickle for Aunty. Broadcast Ballard and ABC managing director David Anderson faces a rabid Senator Eric Abetz yammering away at Senate Estimates for the next five years. Or cut the comedian and woke Guardianistas will be firing up on Twitter about ABC censorship for, oh, the next 36 hours.


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the conga-line of truth cancellers....


Recent outcries of "cancel culture" are red herrings that should be dismissed, writes Dr Rashad Seedeen.  


CONFECTED OUTRAGE over so-called "cancel culture" is a common tactic of the Right at the moment. Dr SeussJ.K. RowlingPeter van Onselen and even Waleed Aly have been the latest so-called "victims" of online mobs. The argument goes that these individuals have been de-platformed by keyboard warriors.

However, the reality is far removed from the outrage over "cancel culture".

Dr Seuss’ books are widely available in libraries and bookshops around the world. His estate just chose to stop publishing books that were both unpopular and racist. Wedding planners can rest easy: Oh, the Places You’ll Go can still be used as a lame alternative reading for that special day.   

J.K. Rowling, whose transphobic comments were widely criticised – including from stars of the Harry Potter series – continues to be a best-selling author with an estimated worth ranging between $670 million to $1.2 billion.


Peter van Onselen ignored his conflict of interest and continued to defend his close friend, former Attorney-General Christian Porter in relation to rape allegations. This included the highly unethical act of publishing the diary entries of the alleged victim to discredit her account, continues to write for The Australian, is a host on The Project and remains an academic for the University of Western Australia.

Waleed Aly, who drew criticism for undermining the credibility of Héritier Lumumba in an extended interview on The Project in 2017, continues to be the show’s host, a columnist for Nine Entertainment and an academic for Monash University.

Despite the hype, widespread criticism has not translated into any "cancelling". People like to blame the online mob for turning on people and ruining lives.


Prime minister, Scott Morrison attempted to use the false dichotomy between the rule of law and “mob process” in rejecting calls for an independent inquiry into the Christian Porter rape allegations. However, the simple reality is that an independent inquiry is the polar opposite of a mob that involves an investigation, a careful review of the evidence and findings from an independent third party.

And that’s the nub of it: these "online mobs" more than anything seem to be demanding some form of accountability and justice from people in power who in many ways act above such processes.

And when we flip the coin, we can see where the real cancelling has taken place.

J.K. Rowling’s anti-trans comments have helped legitimise the reversal of trans-rights in the UK and the U.S. The ILGA-Europe equality index report made special note of the harmful comments of Rowling, as well as others in the media and that anti-trans hate crimes had increased in the UK by 16 per cent in 2020. 

The work of van Onselen and others in the media have justified concerns of victims of sexual assault that their entire character will be under scrutiny and attacked if they make a report. The National Crime and Safety Survey found that over 80 per cent of sexual assaults are unreported for reasons including that they 'do not think they will be believed'.

Reliving the trauma of past sexual assaults is hard enough but enduring character assassinations is a process of public cancellation that is truly unbearable.

Héritier Lumumba’s public profile took a massive hit following The Project interview. It took another three years until his account was actually verified and Collingwood faced their problems of institutional racism, mostly due to the tireless advocacy of Lumumba and his friend, Aamer Rahman.  

The cancelling that comes from those in positions of power is a mechanism used to discredit and marginalise their intended targets, whilst simultaneously acting as a warning to others to remain silent or at the very least maintain the status quo.

Hence, we have seen the conga-line of Liberal politicians using defamation lawsuits against journalists and others.


Joe Hockey won a Federal Court defamation case against Fairfax Media in 2015 for their ‘Treasurer for Sale’ headline. His victory was soured by the fact the $200,000 payout was only a fraction of legal costs.



In 2019, the Prime Minister’s Office threatened defamation against Channel Ten and Waleed Aly over his editorial following the Christchurch Terrorist Attack in 2019, where Aly revealed that in a past cabinet meeting, then-Immigration Minister Scott Morrison suggested there were“votes in [an] anti-Muslim strategy”.

Christian Porter’s defamation case against the ABC and the Four Corners journalist, Louise Milligan over her article, 'Scott Morrison, senators and AFP told of historical rape allegation against cabinet minister' will begin in a few months but it has already been pre-emptively dubbed the "defamation trial of the Century".

The article in question does not name Porter at all but the defamation case in itself is a very public warning to all commentators and journalists on what could happen to them if they dare to cast aspersions upon this Government. And most commentators and journalists aren’t as well-established or as legally protected as Milligan.  

Peter Dutton has jumped on this defamation train by going after Twitter users who took umbrage with his "he said/she said" characterisation of the Brittany Higgins alleged rape case.

On 2GB, Dutton was unambiguous in his contempt of his Twitter critics:

“I’m not going to be defamed in that way, and people should know that if they want to do that, there’s a price to pay for it.”

Such actions encourage a culture of self-censorship where writers second-guess and curb their writing in order to avoid derailing their career or potential defamation cases in the future.

Cancel culture exercised by those in power has a direct impact upon the capacity for the public to engage in a necessary discourse in democratic processes to make informed decisions, as the media is hamstrung by a culture of fear and intimidation.

Unlike Twitter mobs, people who hold institutional power can exploit their position to actually destroy the lives of their targets. 

When we examine this on a global scale the stakes become much higher.

Reporters without Borders reported that 50 journalists were killed in 2020, with most in countries ‘at peace’, meaning that they were not in a warzone but rather murdered purely for the fact they exposed corruption and wrongdoing.

U.S. President, Joe Biden, still has not directly applied sanctions upon Saudi Arabia over the cold-blooded assassination of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi in the Saudi Istanbul consulate in 2018.

Google, previously known as one of the best workplaces in the world, has developed a history of pushing out union organisers and internal critics.    

In 2018, Google workers organised a worldwide walkout to highlight their concerns on:

‘... sexual harassment, misconduct, lack of transparency and a workplace culture that is not working for everybody.’

The organisers of this walkout, notably Clare Stapleton and Kathryn Spiers, were systematically pushed out through either termination or denial of career advancement until resignation became the only option.

And in 2019, four Google union organisers were fired for their efforts in unionising their workplace and their participation in a union rally outside of Google’s San Francisco office.

Just last week, the National Labor Relations Board in the United States ruled that Amazon illegally terminated two long-term employees who were known critics of workplace and climate policies.

As insecure work becomes increasingly common, punishing workers that demand better conditions is an act of widespread intimidation and a true form of "cancelling".  

So while the Right rage over the end of times because their Twitter feed is full of angry hashtags, let’s stay mindful of the real game: solidarity with those who dare speak truth and challenge power. 


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pregnant woke "people"...

 American health officials have encouraged “pregnant people” to get vaccinated against coronavirus, saying shots are safe for them. However, it’s not just the scientific credibility of the guidance that has been questioned. 

“Pregnant people experienced the same side effects as others following vaccination,” the director of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Rochelle Walensky said at a White House briefing on Friday. “Importantly, no safety concerns were observed for people vaccinated in the third trimester or safety concerns for their babies,” the health official added.


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So far, except in stupid movies and short-lived experiments in test tubes, WOMEN can only get pregnant. Wake up, woke people!




the hypocrisy of western governments...