Thursday 4th of June 2020




Our age of anxiety is not unusual in history

mauled by a domestic cat...

the dead bird

At the end you are tired of this world ancient

the poor state of disinformation...

misinformators   Conspiracy theories, misinformation and speculation about coronavirus have flooded social media. But who starts these rumours? And who spreads them? 

channelling trump...

press sec

Trump press secretary attacks China and WHO at first White House briefing. Kayleigh McEnany was less combative than the president, but channeled him on the coronavirus and Michael Flynn...

Donald Trump’s fourth White House press secretary delivered a 30-minute briefing on Friday, ending a more than year-long hiatus for the once-daily occasions.

Dont Worry Be Appy

Here's a little song I stole
when in lockdown on the dole
Don't Worry, Be Appy
Download software to your phone

free america now...


Tesla CEO Elon Musk has launched into an extraordinary tirade against lockdown orders in the United States, describing the rules as “fascist”.

a whimper of surrender following a scream of disbelief...


“And he’s going to get re-elected.”

Not a day goes by without several friends — Republicans as well as Democrats — saying that to me. It’s the blunt coda to a bloated recitation of Donald Trump’s failures during this pandemic. It’s a whimper of surrender following a scream of disbelief.

merkelina never left...


Coronavirus and Germany: Why the world is looking to Angela Merkel

The German chancellor has been declared politically dead many times. But the current pandemic has boosted her reputation and popularity at home and abroad. DW explains why.

"Lame duck" is the usual term given to politicians who don't want to or can't run for office again. With their political shelf-life suddenly measurable, such figures are condemned to being considered weakened and less effective.

hunting you down...

hunting you down...

Australia's coronavirus tracing app, dubbed COVIDSafe, has been released as the nation seeks to contain the spread of the deadly pandemic.

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