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VW   In 2013, a small team of engineering students in West Virginia helped expose Volkswagen’s decade-long conspiracy to lie about its diesel cars’ emissions.

The German carmaker has since paid $23 billion to resolve criminal charges and lawsuits in the United States, and $33 billion over all. Recently, on top of this, the company’s Porsche division had agreed to pay a fine of 535 million euros, after the German authorities accused the sports-car maker of selling nearly 100,000 diesel sport utility vehicles with software designed to conceal excess emissions.

In a prepared statement, Mueller, VW CEO, said of the emissions-cheat scandal, "We all know that we have let down customers, authorities, regulators and the general public here in America, too." He added, "We are — I am — truly sorry for that. And I would like to apologise once again for what went wrong with Volkswagen."

Following his remarks, Mueller spoke briefly with NPR. He said Volkswagen did not lie to U.S. regulators about emissions problems with its diesel engines but chalked it up to a misunderstanding of U.S. law.

What were these emissions? Carbon particle, sulphur, shit? Hot air? A misunderstanding of US laws? Tainted apologies?

Over the course of history, there has been many conspiracies, some organised by secret associations, some designed by governments, some by businesses and some that happen by disparate group of people who oppose the official narratives — and some conspiracies invented by loonies. We should wonder if willingly or not we’re not inside a conspiracy or a victim of conspiracies at any one time due to our ignorance and acceptance of beliefs.

Of "conspiracy", the flat earth theory is used as a base line, by most people including cartoonists trying to make fun of illiterate, ignorant and stupid politicians who use their idiocy with brilliance to con people of little understanding. 

This discussion is going to be a long haul as to determine who is conning who, who are the bullshitting agents, what are the current conspiracies, who isn’t buying and at what point it does matter or not. 

One of the latest major conspiracy that we have been made to swallow as a “failure of intelligence” has been the war against Saddam 17 years ago — a conspiracy sold to us by the US government, with the help of the UK and Australian governments. On this site we have exposed  in many articles how this conspiracy, including the fake failure of intelligence, has been constructed to make many people believe that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction. After the war on Saddam which killed many people, including more than 5,000 US troops, "it was found" that Saddam did not have any weapons of mass destruction and that some “intelligence failure” had led to the conflict, which as proposed by the key conspirators — Bush, Blair and Howard — removed a “bad guy” from the landscape anyway… Bullshit.

The underlying official hope behind this push against Saddam became to make Iraq a model of Western “democracy” in the Middle East. This was either ill-thought out or planned as another failure, as Iraq which is majority Shia is now aligned with Iran. This situation led to various subsequent subterfuges, including the fabrication of Daesh to destroy two government for the price of one, Iraq and Syria, plus annoy the Iranians as a side benefit. Such official conspiracies, promoted by our dumb media, flourished like weeds — as the USA financed and trained terrorist outfits in these countries while telling us about the bad guys refusing to accept our generous will. 

It seems the whole war on Saddam had started with the terrorist attack on the twin towers in New York, but this conspiracy was started earlier, fed by the PNAC, an outfit think tank that prepared the US for such an event, find someone to blame and act in “retaliation” against the already designated culprits. One was Bin Laden which led to the longest war in the history of the USA against Afghanistan’s Taliban and another war against Iraq (Saddam) who was still blamed for 9/11 by Bush in 2002.

One thing for sure is that one lie, even one started by innocuous ignorance, leads to another and suddenly the cogs of a gigantic deception have become our leading motivation. Now is a lie a conspiracy? Well, a conspiracy demands either a lie or an opposition to a lie. And conspiracies are often deliberate and need to be well-constructed. 

One of the longest deception/conspiracy in the history of humankind is that of the Abrahamic religion which split into a few major deceptions designed to control populations into believing in their own worth and uniqueness — but mostly be aware of the wrath of a superior creature in case of deviation away from these well-constructed deceptions. Dictums and laws are not human-made, which citizens could challenge easily, but godly-made which make these special...

The split of the Abrahamic religion created Judaism, Christianity, itself divided into two major schisms such as Orthodox and Catholics, themselves divided into protestants and a multitude of evangelicals — and Islam, itself principally divided into Shia (Iran) and Sunnis (Saudis)… ALL OF THESE RELIGIOUS GROUPS have one thing in common: control the politics of the countries in which they have established their strong roots. Kings and religions slept in the same bed. They still do in various countries including the UK. In the USA, presidents have to show a faith towards god in order to be elected. 

We have harped on many times about the nefarious aspect of religious beliefs on this site, especially in preventing people to think clearly about humanity — and we’re bloody lucky that we’ve not gone into a major war again — not because we’re clever and intelligent — but because we’re mad and have invented MAD — the mutual assured destruction. 

Since the Enlightenment, a new system of filling our brains with understanding has been SCIENCES. The association of SCIENCES and politics has been as perverse as that of politics and religions. At this stage, this dynamic can become complicated by the truthfulness of sciences and the deception of politics.

This has led to the science fiction narratives of many novels such as 1984 and films such as Metropolis. Politics had to use new methods to control masses of people to behave according to the system. Deception, indoctrination, brainwashing, propaganda and coercion were (are) part of government conspiratorial tools while some people might try to resist this power with their own conspiracy to overturn the situation. 

Using sciences as a religious tool, governments have the upper hand. Using ignorance and/or understanding of the underlying dynamics of control, some people will try to conspire and challenge the governments dictums that flow from their alliance with science. Which is right, which is wrong? Scientific knowledge is not a monolith, especially on the edges where research isn’t fully conclusive and in the course of a crisis in which scientific statistics are not fully understood and settled, yet are used to define policies on the run. Some power-deceptive conspiracies in the style of Saddam has weapons of mass destruction are revived by government to make us swallow a bitter pill, which some people refuse to take, despite the "scientific evidence”, which is used by politics and as such becomes a dubious weapon.

This is where we’re at with Covid-19. We are at a stage where we don’t know if we are swindled by the governments or not. In Australia, the reactions of governments has been severe and it appears it has limited the number of deaths from Covid-19. So far as of today (28/09/2020 at 06:36:32 hours), there are 27,064 cases, 24,573 recovered which means that we have had 51,637 infections and 872 deaths. This is a 0.017 death ratio by the number of cases. 

After a couple of years, in 1920, when the “influenza epidemic” was brought under control in Australia, there had been 11,552 official deaths attributed to this flu. These are the stats.

Now, has sciences or politics guided our responses to these epidemics? Or religion? Or economics? Were we in need of an economic reset? Who benefits from the “pandemics”? Is there deception from government pushing a conspiracy by profiteers and pharmaceutical companies, with caveats that should some go wrong with vaccination, they shan’t be held responsible, but government will?

Can we ask questions as even some doctors and scientists question the draconian system’s response versus some better targeted policies? Could we foresee the mismanagement of our responses to old age care homes? Is the Coronavirus more nasty than the flu? For the last few decades there has been more than 30 epidemics officially counted by doctors, that we did not treat with the same zeal, that is to say the complete economic shutdown that has led many people to despair and financial ruin. Could we have done better? Is the US such a mess in regard to Covid-19? Why has Belgium got the most number of death per capita? If we follow the blueprint of the flu epidemic of 1918, it takes about two years to vanish “by itself” as long we take precautions such as wearing masks and minimise contact with infected people. How long can we survive in lockdown, individually and as a society?

These are fair questions that need to be ask, and we do not have to be involved in a conspiracy to question — NOT THE SCIENCE ABOUT COVID-19 — but our responses to it, which involve a bit of scientific hygiene and a lot of government deception (conspiracy) and/or blind IGNORANCE.

So the conspirators amongst the populace stoke the fire of dissent by questioning, sometimes ridiculously, sometimes unscientifically, often with the purpose of annoying the officialdom. Did the US land a man on the moon? Sure…

When the US told their population that they were 99 per cent protected against a nuclear attack in the 1960s, this was a major lie (a conspiracy to hide the truth) exposed more than 50 years later by the release of secret documents. Meanwhile, they were training kids to bury under they desks at school in the eventuality of a nuke attack. The holes in the US defences had been made obvious by two military exercises that involved the Brits. On each occasion, after air traffic had been stopped for a day to the great annoyance of travellers, the Brits were able to penetrate the US air defences and virtually bomb the major US cities, including New York. How did they do it? At the time, intercontinental missile were not fully operative, but bombers such as B-52 — bombers that still fly 24/7 around the globe and armed with nukes — were the nuclear bomb transport of choice. At the time the Brits had a plane that could fly much higher than the US air force, that were difficult to see on radar because of their altitude and that carried nukes. The Vulcan. 

Since then, we had Reagan and “star wars” system to defeat missile, but the Russians have developed hypersonic missiles that do not have a predictable path. The Yanks are catching up. Under all this there are false flags events, secrets and government conspiracies that would make our small gains in avoiding a “pandemic” by strict population behaviour control, totally useless...

But "they tried".......

Gus Leonisky
Tourette's syndrome advocate.

Image at top by Gus Leonisky: VW plant in Germany.

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Iraq (Saddam)
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the covid conspiracy...

The climate science denial machine created by the fossil fuel industry is now a major source of COVID-19 disinformation. Deniers have deployed many of the same tactics they have used to attack climate scientists and delay action to downplay the severity of the coronavirus outbreak and sow distrust in the response efforts of governments, scientists and the medical community — with deadly consequences that are now unfolding before our eyes. 

Others have used the threat of COVID-19 to argue against action to address climate change, which would leave us all more vulnerable to the wide array of future catastrophes that scientists say will result from additional degrees of warming.

In the following series, DeSmog presents the #COVIDenial evidence our team has gathered revealing the overlapping cast of characters who have long attacked climate science and are now spreading COVID misinformation, touting false cures, ginning up conspiracy theories and fomenting attacks on public health experts. We began tracking this overlap in March 2020, when Sharon Kelly wrote Meet the Climate Science Deniers Who Downplayed COVID-19 Risks.

Many of these groups, including Koch network-funded entities such as Americans for Prosperity and State Policy Network members have also attacked stay-at-home orders and orchestrated ‘Liberate’ movement protests nationwide, as Steve Horn wrote in COVID-19 'Liberate' Groups Are the Same Ones Pushing Climate Denial. And as DeSmog UK’s Zak Derler reported in Climate Science Deniers Use Coronavirus to Downplay Environmental Threats, notorious climate deniers around the world are even claiming that the novel coronavirus pandemic is a hoax, or that it’s an evil plot by “globalist elites” like Bill Gates and George Soros to alternately force vaccines or a “world population cull.” 

These are dangerous operatives at work spreading all manner of doubt and delusion to confuse the public, and their actions and words will forever cement them on the wrong side of history.

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It is over the top to place Covid-19 “denial” with “global warming” denial. It is actually unreasonable. The messages on both “denials” may come through various crackpots, but the origin of the denial is very different

On one side, the denial of global warming is coming from fossil fuels big business against governmental action, while the denial of Covid-19 isn’t against the knowledge of the virus but a protest by ordinary people (and some conspirators, doctors, philosophers) against governmental reactions that are draconian, while the said governments are in bed with big business to a point that we are denied our rights as citizens, WHETHER WE’RE RIGHT OR WRONG. Being right or wrong is what makes us vote for one party or the other, whether we’re right or wrong. This has been the tenet of DEMOCRACY for a while now.



Brussels first sounded the alarm about coronavirus pandemic-related misinformation and disinformation in early summer. "The COVID-19 pandemic has been accompanied by an unprecedented 'infodemic,'" said European Commission Vice-President Vera Jourava. The disinformation campaigns were not only dangerous for public health; they were also designed to undermine trust in governments and the media.The commissioner referred to the sharp increase in the number of opponents of vaccination, known as "anti-vaxxers" — in Germany. According to one study, the number of those prepared to be vaccinated decreased by 20% in two months. The commission also saw the false claim that drinking bleach can help against the virus, which is widespread on social media, as a further attempt at deliberate deception. "Disinformation during the coronavirus pandemic can kill," said EU Foreign Affairs Commissioner Josep Borrell.Unsubstantiated conspiracy theories have also become widespread since the pandemic began. A common theory falsely claims that the virus was spread as a pretext for forced mass vaccination; another one alleges that the pandemic is a way for Microsoft founder Bill Gates, working together with the EU, to monitor people.
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As explained from the top, fake information comes from many (all) GOVERNMENTS, businesses and little people like us. Why should we have to trust governments on this issue when we know that on many other issues, governments have fudged and told porkies? Ah, "on this one YOU HAVE TO TRUST US” they tell us… Of course we, the dumb people, spread a lot of rubbish about Bill Gates this and Bill Gates that… We’re jealous. he made a fortune on selling us a product that needed a lot of improvements and was full of holes — or bugs, or defaults... Windows was a pale imitation of Apple Mac's programmes...
and Now:

Kathrin grew up "pretty brainwashed" in East Germany during the Cold War.

Once a communist girl scout, she remembers the steady drum beat of state propaganda in the German Democratic Republic (GDR).

To stop an exodus to the West, the country's leaders had built the Berlin Wall — physically and ideologically dividing the city.

But Kathrin says the country's leaders needed to first spread enough distrust for the population to agree to being cut off from friends and family by thick slabs of concrete.

"That wall lasted 30 years or so and has done so much damage," she says.


But since the pandemic started she's found herself embroiled in a new battle over truth and narrative.

Earlier this year, while in lockdown on Sydney's North Shore, her friends began sending her "mind-boggling" links suggesting COVID-19 was part of some giant conspiracy, or an attempt to microchip the population.

Kathrin approaches these conversations with her friends cautiously and tries to hear them out.

But she's lost at least one friend and is drifting away from others.

"I find it really upsetting to see friends getting dragged into this whole world of false information and really becoming convinced and converts," she says.

Some of these conspiracies have flourished on platforms like Facebook and YouTube, and among communities predisposed to such views.

And, in an echo of Kathrin's past, researchers now believe nation states may also be playing a part in spreading false information about the pandemic.

Disinformation is the coordinated spread of false or misleading information, often for political or financial gain.

A crisis — such as a pandemic — is a ripe moment for such a campaign.

It's clear that states are pursuing their own agendas amid the pandemic, says Renee DiResta, research manager at the Stanford Internet Observatory, who studies how information spreads online.

"There's disinformation that you push out to your own people and there's disinformation that you push out to overseas," she says.

"The latter is because you have some sort of geopolitical interest in maybe weakening an enemy."

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Kathrin paranoia is understandable but quite misplaced, inasmuch as one cannot trust Western governments either. Western governments, especially the USA, thrive on spreading false information about many things in order for the rich to make more money, steal resources from other countries and maintain colonialism under whatever name you wish to call it. The illusion of freedom of this and that, especially religion, is a fantastic part of the arsenal of deceit, with which people are controlled by "controlling themselves" in a big brother situation rather than a despotic communism or socialism where god is washed out of your hair. 

In the Western society, the deceit is actually far more ingrained as it is subconsciously acquired in the mind of people who accept their own limits, versus overt limits imposed by a system we despise...

This is why people like Assange are in prison in the UK contrary to all the logic and necessity of justice. This is why Snowden lives in Russia because he revealed how the US government were spying on its people contrarily to its constitution. Deceit and conspiracy from the governments galore...

So, on the Covid-19 we have to ask questions about the origins, the spread and the draconian responses by government that have removed basic human rights of association and protests, WHEN WE COULD HAVE DONE BETTER TO CONTROL THE SPREAD OF THE DISEASE.

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the FK conspiracy...

the iraq conspiracy...

We have already tackled this conspiracy in many articles on this website. The main one can be read at:


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the 9/11 conspiracy...

Whoever did the deed in New York became the source for major disinformation. 



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the smoking conspiracy...

Smoking kills about 7 million people every year... Etceera... But the stats are elastic...


Meanwhile, Gus who suffers from chronic bronchitis due to second-hand smoke coming his way. He is quite happy that cigarette packs in Australia and in some countries around the world have taken the diseased look on the cover...


and many more on this site...


shooting messengers .....


democracy can rot your mouth with cancer if you keep smoking the government and media rubbish...







New York (CNN Business) Luxury automaker BMW has agreed to pay an $18 million fine for misreporting its car sales figures over the course of five years, the Securities and Exchange Commission announced.


The SEC said that between 2015 and 2019, BMW "maintained a reserve of unreported retail vehicle sales — referred to internally as the 'bank' — that it used to meet internal monthly sales targets without regard to when the underlying sales occurred." That practice allowed BMW to maintain a leading retail sales position relative to other premium automotive companies, the agency said.
The investigation was disclosed late last year. BMW Group, which includes the BMW and Mini brands, agreed to the settlement and fine without any admission of wrongdoing.
"Much of the conduct at issue in the SEC settlement occurred over three years ago," said BMW's statement. "The BMW Group attaches great importance to the correctness of its sales figures and will continue to focus on thorough and consistent sales reporting."

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the west's conspiracy against lebanon...


President Macron’s bad play in Lebanon

by Thierry Meyssan

Playing Deus ex machina, President Macron came to distribute the good and bad points to the Lebanese leaders. Sure of his superiority, he said he was ashamed of the behavior of this political class. But all this is just a bad play. Underhandedly, he is trying to destroy the Resistance and to transform the country into a tax haven.


Reacting to the explosion of the port of Beirut on August 4, 2020, the Lebanese people and the international press saw it as an accident due to the corruption of the port authorities. For our part, after analyzing the first clues, we immediately questioned the thesis of the accident and favored that of the attack. French President Emmanuel Macron was urgently on his way to Lebanon to save the country. Two days later, we broadcast on a Syrian television station, Sama, the hypothesis of the continuation of the operation to implement Resolution 1559.

The hypothesis of resolution 1559

What is it all about? The 2004 Franco-US resolution was drafted on the instructions of US President George W. Bush, based on a text written by then Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri with the help of French President Jacques Chirac. It aimed to have the objectives formulated by US Secretary of State Colin Powell recognized by the United Nations Security Council: 

to drive out the Syrian peace force resulting from the Taif Agreemen [1] ; 

to put an end to the Lebanese Resistance to imperialism; 

prevent the re-election of Lebanese President Emile Lahoud.


However, on February 14, 2005, Rafik Hariri, who was no longer Prime Minister and had just been reconciled with Hezbollah, was assassinated in a mega-attack in which Lebanese President Emile Lahoud and his Syrian counterpart, Bashar el-Assad, were accused of being the instigators. The Syrian peace force withdrew and President Lahoud renounced his candidacy.

In retrospect, it appears 

that the attack was not carried out with conventional explosives carried in a white van, as is still believed, but with a weapon combining nanotechnology and enriched nuclear fuel that very few powers had at their disposal at the time [2] ; 

that the international investigation carried out by the United Nations was in reality a secret CIA-Mossad operation directed against Presidents Lahoud and Assad as well as against Hezbollah. It was shattered during a huge scandal that brought to light false witnesses recruited and paid by UN investigators [3]; 

that all charges against the suspects were dropped and that a UN body, abusively labeled the "Special Tribunal for Lebanon" without having the legal attributes, refused to examine evidence and sentenced two Hezbollah members in absentia.

In the end, no one dared to mention again the end of the Lebanese Resistance as stipulated by Resolution 1559.

This Resistance was formed around Shiite families during the Israeli invasion (Operation "Peace in Galilee") in 1982. After the victory, this network gradually entered politics under the name of Hezbollah. At the time of its creation, it was fascinated by the Iranian anti-imperialist revolution and backed by the Syrian army, as revealed by its secretary general in 2011, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah. However, after the withdrawal of the Syrian peace force from Lebanon, it turned almost entirely to Iran. It returned to Syria when it realized that a defeat of Damascus at the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood would not only destroy Syria, but also Lebanon. During all these years, it acquired both a gigantic arsenal and combat experience, so that today it is the formost non-state army in the world. Its successes and the means at its disposal have attracted many people who do not necessarily share its ideals. Its partial transformation into a political party has made it acquire the same flaws as other Lebanese political parties, including corruption.

Today, Hezbollah is not a state within the Lebanese state, but in many situations it is the state instead of chaos. Faced with this hybrid phenomenon, Westerners have reacted in scattered order: the United States has classified it as "terrorist", while the Europeans have subtly distinguished, in 2013, its civilian side with whom they discuss its military side, which they also condemn as "terrorist". To justify their decision to their public opinions, the West has developed a number of secret operations aimed at attributing to Hezbollah either attacks prior to its existence (against the military contingents of the US and France at the regional meeting of the allied secret services), or attacks abroad (notably in Argentina and Bulgaria).

Completing the implementation of Resolution 1559 [4] today means disarming Hezbollah and transforming it into a simple political party, as corrupt by Westerners as the others.

The French intervention

President Emmanuel Macron was the first head of state to travel to Lebanon after the explosion in the port of Beirut, where he visited twice. He pledged not to let the country down and to help it reform. He presented a "road map" that was agreed upon by all political parties. It provided for the formation of a mission government to carry out economic and financial reforms. However, Mustapha Adib, the Prime Minister-designate, found it impossible to achieve this and resigned. President Macron then called a press conference on September 27. He booed the entire political class and explicitly accused Hezbollah and the Amal movement and implicitly their ally, President Michel Aoun, of having thwarted his attempt to rescue Lebanon.

President Macron’s arguments convinced only those who do not know the history of Lebanon. On the contrary, our readers know [5] that this country has never been a nation and therefore could never be a democracy. It has been shared by various confessional communities since the Ottoman colonization that coexist there without mixing with each other. This division was institutionalized by the Constitution (1926) inspired by France, a proxy power. Then, its functioning at all levels of the state was set in stone by the United States and Saudi Arabia, during the Taif Agreement (1989) which put an end to the civil war. From this point of view, it is strange, to say the least, to blame political personnel for corrupting the state when it is a direct and inexorable consequence of the institutions imposed on them from abroad.

Above all, it is inadmissible to hear a foreign president posing as a lecturer and declaring that he is ashamed of the Lebanese leaders. Especially since this foreigner represents a nation that has a heavy historical responsibility in the current situation.

It seems that in practice, Lebanon’s sponsors intend to overthrow the corrupt political class they have set up and replace it with a government of technocrats trained in their best schools. This government will be in charge of reforming the finances, restoring the tax haven of Lebanon’s golden age, but above all not to break the confessional system so that the country’s dependence on its sponsors will continue. This country would thus be doomed to remain colonized without admitting it and to behead some of its leaders every thirty or forty years.

In the minds of President Macron’s backers, the unrest in Saudi Arabia has thwarted the plan for a free zone for billionaires, Neom. Lebanon should therefore be used again to escape its own tax obligations.

Let us recall, moreover, that when France established secular institutions, it immediately deprived all its colonies of them, considering that religion was the only way to pacify the peoples it controlled. Lebanon is the only country in the world where a Shiite mullah, a Sunni mufti and a Christian patriarch can impose their views on political parties.

President Macron’s repeated attacks against Hezbollah are precisely in line with my hypothesis: the ultimate goal of the West is to destroy the Resistance and transform Hezbollah into a party as corrupt as the others.

Indeed, according to Emmanuel Macron, the current Hezbollah is at the same time a "militia", a "terrorist organization" and a political party. Yet, as we have seen, it is in reality both the first non-governmental army dedicated to the struggle against imperialism and a political party representing the Shiite community. It has never been responsible for terrorist actions abroad. According to Macron, it has created "a climate of terror", inhibiting other political formations. However, Hezbollah has never used its gigantic arsenal against its Lebanese rivals. The brief war of 2008 did not pit it against the Sunnis and Druze, but against those who housed spy centers of foreign powers (notably in the archive premises of FuturTV).

During the press conference, reference was also made to the demand of Hezbollah and Amal to choose the Minister of Finance. This apparently preposterous request is vital for the Resistance. Not to plunder the state, as some imply, but to circumvent US sanctions against the Resistance. Saad Hariri, after opposing it, rallied to it as soon as he grasped what was at stake. This is why, contrary to what President Macron claimed, the failure of the government formation is not attributable to Hezbollah or any other Lebanese formation, but to the French will to break the Resistance.

At the time of the election of President Jacques Chirac, the Saudi proxy, Rafik Hariri, heavily financed his election campaign, causing a memorable incident in the French Constitutional Council. Similarly, during the election of President Emmanuel Macron, Saad Hariri (son of the former president) financed his campaign, albeit on a smaller scale. So when Mr. Macron announced that the international community would save Lebanon financially if it applied its roadmap, Saad Hariri demanded a return on investment, namely 20% of the future sums. After consultation with his main donor, the US-Israeli Henri Kravis, [6] Emmanuel Macron refused and threatened sanctions against the three presidents of Lebanon (of the Republic, the Assembly and the Government).

France calculates on the basis of its historical knowledge of the region. However, it has not understood some of its evolutions, as its failures in Libya, Syria, and in the Iran-US negotiations attest. While it is concerned about Turkey’s influence in Lebanon, it overestimates that of Saudi Arabia and Iran, underestimates that of Syria and ignores that of Russia.

For those who observe precisely what is happening, France is not honest in its concern for Lebanon. Thus, President Macron’s trips had been preceded by the circulation of a petition calling on France to restore its mandate over Lebanon, that is to say, to recolonize it. It was quickly established that this spontaneous petition was an initiative of the French secret service. Or that the French president’s second trip was the centennial of the proclamation of Greater Lebanon by General Henri Gouraud, leader of the French Colonial Party. It is not very difficult to understand what France hopes to get in return for its action against the Resistance.

Thierry MeyssanTranslation 
Roger Lagassé

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as assange rots in a UK jail....

The UK has imposed sanctions on Alexander Lukashenko, his son, and senior figures in the Belarusian ‘regime’, for ‘human rights violations’, but who, I wonder, will sanction the UK ‘regime’ for the same?

Sixteen million Britons are currently under draconian restrictions on their daily lives, with Health Secretary Matt Hancock announcing on Monday that two million people in the North East of England would be banned from socialising anywhere indoors. That came shortly after newly published regulations banned people in groups larger than six singing in pubs, and dancing. Yes, that’s right dancing. 

2020 has seen the biggest destruction of civil liberties in Britain since the days of the grim Puritanical dictator Oliver Cromwell in the 1650s.

That was the last time pubs and places of entertainment were shut down, sports banned, and the celebration of Christmas banned or threatened. But taking away the centuries-old freedoms of the people without any proper debate, forcing them to wear humiliating face-masks when going about their daily business, ordering them to keep 2m physical distance from their fellow human beings, and indulging in psychological warfare against them by way of late-night leaks to the press over the introduction new ‘restrictions’ is not enough for the morally bankrupt UK government. They have the collosal nerve to lecture other countries- who have not take such steps, on ‘human rights’ and not ‘upholding democratic values’.

Belarus had no national lockdown in 2020.

In June, President Lukashenko claimed that he had come under pressure from international lenders to impose restrictions on his people.

When asked about this at a press conference in September the IMF Communications Director said ‘On Belarus, I  can tell you, we did not demand quarantine, isolation, lockdown, but we sought assurances for steps to contain the pandemic in line with WHO recommendations, which is our standard operating procedure in all countries.’

Because Lukashenko didn’t lockdown, people in Belarus could, in 2020, still freely socialise in bars and cafes, attend weddings and funerals and visit loved ones in hospital (what can be more inhumane than not allowing people to visit loved ones in hospitals as has happened in the UK this year). They could also attend sports events (the 2019-20 football season in Belarus was not suspended) and go to the ballet and theatre. In other words, they could still enjoy life to the full.

It is incontestable that Belarussians have had more freedom  in their daily lives in 2020 than Britons. And it’s worth noting that the country has recorded one of the lowest level of deaths with ‘Covid-19’, just 828.  

Ah, but I hear you say, the Big Bad Lukashenko (Boo, Hiss!, by order of the ‘Progressive’ Globalist Authoritarians), ‘stole’ an election. Ok then, let’s assume, as the UK government contends, that the result was rigged, or Lukashenko’s winning margin was greatly exaggerated. Is the UK imposing sanctions on other countries where election results have been disputed by the opposition, and there are claims of fraud? Or, on those which never hold any elections at all?

It’s worth remembering there are many ways to rig a poll, apart from tampering with ballot boxes.

There are around 195 countries in the world. How many of them hold meaningful democratic elections where there is a real choice for electors? How many elections can truly be called ‘free‘- free of manipulation from ‘Big Money’, ’Big Media’ or from ’Big Special Interest Groups’?

In the US the ‘choice’ citizens have at election time is between a multi-billionaire bank-rolled Republican Party and a multi-billionaire bank-rolled Democrat Party.

Both parties are pro-war: the Democrats bombed Yugoslavia, Libya and backed ’rebels’ in Syria, a Republican administration invaded and ocupied Afghanistan and Iraq. 

In Britain all the Parliamentary parties - and ones outside of it too- supported Lockdown. Where’s the opposition?  

But it’s Belarus that gets singled out for its ‘democratic deficiencies’.  

Of course, arresting political opponents is wrong, on that we can all agree.

So what’s Julian Assange doing on trial in London? The world’s most famous political dissident is not being held in jail in Belarus but in Britain! Assange’s ‘great crime’ was publishing the details of US war crimes. Wikileaks revealed to us information which we weren’t supposed to know but which we had a right to know, the things governments were doing in our name- and with our money.

For that, Assange has faced persecution for years at the hands of the US and its closest allies. No country that keeps this most gentle of men incarcerated in a high-security prison has the moral authority to impose sanctions on another for ‘human rights violations’, let alone any legal authority.

One more time: the UK government is sanctioning the leadership of a country that didn’t lock down its people in 2020, while at the same time threatening further lockdowns on its own citizens. How can anyone who genuinely cares about democracy and human rights accept this?

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breaking big brother covid...

Hello I am Reiner Fuellmich, and I have been admitted to the bar in Germany and in California for 26 years. I have been practicing law, primarily as a trial lawyer, against fraudulent corporations such as Deutsche Bank – formerly one of the world’s largest and most respected banks, today one of the most toxic criminal organizations in the world – VW one of the world’s largest and most respected car manufacturers, today notorious for its giant diesel fraud – and Kuehne + Nagel the world’s largest shipping company, we’re suing them in a multi-million dollar bribery case.

I’m also one of four members of the German Corona Investigative Committee. Since July 10th 2020 this committee has been listening to a large number of international scientists and experts testimony to find answers to questions about the corona crisis, which more and more people worldwide are asking.

All the above-mentioned cases of corruption and fraud committed by the German corporations pale in comparison in view of the extent of the damage that the corona crisis has caused and continues to cause. This corona crisis, according to all we know today, must be renamed a corona scandal and those responsible for it must be criminally prosecuted and sued for civil damages on a political level.

Everything must be done to make sure that no one will ever again be in a position of such power as to be able to defraud humanity or to attempt to manipulate us with their corrupt agendas.


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