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Anti Howard t shirts (David Hoare)

These might interest quite a few of you, in our fight against Howard. I can make up as many of these are you want, the more you order, the cheaper i can do them. As at the moment i am studying, and an only running a very small business.

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Hijacking democracy (Peter Hall)

Bought your book 'Not Happy, John' today. Very Impressed so far. I have long argued that big business has hijacked democracy. My opinion is that we need to dimantle the current political environment and build a new one that eliminates the political party, and has participatory democracy instead. I outline the idea at, a great little forum run by someone who reads

Letter about Margo's book published ()

Check it out here

Onya Hans.

Lib's Campaign Launch (G Siddle)

On the 26th of September the Liberal Party are having their campaign launch here in Brisbane. All of the nation


Hamish Alcorn suggested I gave permission to have the above ode published. His E-mail 13-09-04 refers. Regards Niels

it should be in the federal budget that johnny boy has a REGULAR eyebrow wax!!!!!! I belive the opposision should pay for it out

OH dear who cares really who wins wins there only in for 4 years but i must say it should be in the federal budget that johnny boy has a REGULAR eyebrow wax!!!!!! I belive the opposision should pay for it out of good sport manship!!!!!

The Lindsay Electorate (CILLA TEY)

Despite our extensive leaflet dropping and handouts, the Lindsay voter turnout for the 'Defend Your Democracy' forum in Penrith on 18/9 was very disappointing.

That was quite a stark contrast to the full house the following day at the same venue when John Howard (along with Tony Abbott, Jackie Kelly, Ross Cameron etc) was there to bribe all the western seats.

Labor is unable to counter the scare campaign on interest rates and the economy in this area. I have plans to drop leaflets on interest rates and the economy as part of our grassroots campaign. There is only a handful of us helping. I have a good article from The Age on 'The Truth about John Howard and Interest Rates.' Does anyone out there have any other articles I can use? Unfortunately, Truth in government is not high up on the local electorate's priorities. They are worried about their mortgages.

It is really depressing as most of the l

God Save the Queen (Saxon Selvey)

Don't forget that Honest John also robbed us of our most recent opportunity to become a Republic.

The Libs put together a shabby model for a Republic that nobody would want, then promoted the whole affair by saying - Not this Republic. Then they let us all vote against it as confirmation that we didn't actually want one! Unbelievable!! Playing us like suckers!

Yet reading The Book, One realises this is business as usual for Him.

Saying Sorry, Tampa, The Kyoto Agreement, Children Behind Razorwire, Iraq.... What will it take? These are not small issues, they change the way the World sees us, and they change they way we percieve ourselves, as a Nation. Please wake up this time around Australia!

A poem, or words to a song about the Howard Years (Grahame Wilson)

My Thoughts on the Howard Years by Grahame Wilson
(Possibly of use during this federal election. I

AEC's response to complaint about Liberal flyer (Danielle Morgan)

I'm disappointed to report that the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) fobbed off my concerns about a misleading Liberal flyer with some legalese worthy of

Der Meister (David Elson)

It is not often that I bother to read a book written by a journalist who has been noted for writing with a certain kind of political bias and frequent one-sidedness (what journalist does not?). So while I found this book to be really quite interesting, I can say that it was overly predictable and nor was the slant and evidence provided totally convincing.

The War was Illegal and John Howard and his Government are War Criminals ()

I love statements like that. Statements that are simply too outrageous to say in a public place without being considered a crank, yet utterly correct at the same time.

NHJ!er Dorothy forwarded me this letter, signed Geriatric Gran. Follow the link she recommends. It cites the conclusion of international legal authorities that the Iraq war was illegal and the perpetrators prosecutable, with links to source documents.

I didn't believe we should be involved in the war in Iraq, but felt powerless to prevent it happening. I walked, a short distance, to protest against the war in the belief that the government would heed the message that the majority of the people in Australia did not believe it was a 'Just War.'

We still joined 'The Coalition of the Willing,' and went to war.

Kofi Annan, on Wednesday, claimed the war breached the UN charter and the war was illegal. 'The Coalition of the Willing,' disagreed with his long held opinion and claimed the war was legal. We th

Not Happy Johnning Wentworth ()

Wentworth is on a knife edge. A large part of the blue ribbon electorate is grumpy with Malcolm Turnbull over his aggressive pre-selection tactics, and those who aren't too fussed about pre-selection tactics are concerned that a vote for Turnbull is a vote for Howard. With Peter King's decision to run as an independent, there is a real and growing chance that a seat held for 103 years by the Liberals will fall.

The four contenders for the seat are to meet on Monday night at an event organised by the Wilderness Society to discuss their respective position towards the continued felling of Tasmania's old Growth forests. It will be a good opportunity to meet the candidates and ask them some real questions about how they perceive the strength of our democracy...or not

What: Public meeting to meet the candidates for Wentworth and ask what they are doing to protect Tasmania's forests.
When: Monday 20th September 2004, 7pm FREE ENTRY
Where: Waverley Council Chamber

More pride required (Patricia Cameron)

Am just reading your book NHJ, and am transfixed. Absolutely cringe at the chapter on how our parliament was occupied by a foreign power for visit of GWB. Previous book I read was the Paul Burrell one which mentions visit of GWB to Buck Palace - they tried same act and Queen told them that if her security was good enough for her it was good enough for him. Why couldn't we have more pride? New Zealand would have!

Scary!. (Jose Sieira)

I am about to finish reading your book. I think it is very good. What really scares me is that a very substantial percentage of voters never realise what it's happening out there and if one tries to tell them they are not interested. With this situation happening in many countries around the world the prospects of changing things around are not great. Scary!.

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